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EU Elections 2019 16-05-2019

European election list leaders unite against the right

The main candidates for the European Commission's presidency opposed Manfred Weber, the candidate of the European People's Party (EPP), despite it being the group that will likely come out as the winner in the elections. EURACTIV France reports.
Nicolas Sarkozy
Elections 26-11-2014

Sarkozy hopes to crush party rivals in French comeback test

Nicolas Sarkozy's hopes of running for a new French presidential term in 2017 face a crucial first test on Saturday, as members of his crisis-ridden conservative UMP party vote for a new leader.
Europe's Spitzenkandidaten for the 2014 European elections [EURACTIV/European Parliament]
EU Elections 2014 15-05-2014

Wrap-up: EU ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ debate in Brussels

On Thursday evening (15 May), five contenders for the European Commission presidency faced each other in the 'Eurovision Debate' in Brussels. Review the debate and read up on the discussion as it happened, in our wrap-up below.
Ska Keller [Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2014

Keller: Europe is more than just conservatives and socialists

Ska Keller is in the middle of a pan-European campaign and is facing some political heavyweights in the EU ‘presidential debates’. But the main question facing the European Greens is what role will they still play after 25 May? A question Keller answers in an interview with EURACTIV.
EU Elections 2014 28-04-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: EU Presidential Debates 2014

With less than four weeks to go before polls open on 22-25 May, the parties' main candidates for the EU Commission presidency face each other in a series of 'Presidential Debates', broadcasted by national and European media.
Candidates for President of the European Commission in 2014
Technology 25-04-2014

French TV will not air EU Commission Presidency debate

20 European channels will broadcast the debate between candidates for the presidency of the European Commission on 15 May. However, France Télévisions has decided to not air the debate. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 14-04-2014

Le Pen’s ‘dodgy’ economics

The leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, is under fire for her economic programme, and turning down a televised debate with Martin Schulz. EURACTIV France reports.
Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude Juncker at first TV debate
EU Elections 2014 10-04-2014

Juncker and Schulz struggle to find differences in first TV debate

The top two rival candidates to lead the European Commission struggled Wednesday (9 April) to find real policy differences in the first live television debate ahead of European Parliament elections next month.
Nick Clegg (left) and Nigel Farage [Liberal Democrats; European Parliament / Flickr]
Brexit 03-04-2014

Farage wins BBC debate, on track for electoral gain

In an election debate on the BBC, eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage beat the liberal and pro-European Nick Clegg, with applause lines that Britain should “free itself” from the EU.
Brexit 27-03-2014

Lib Dems campaign pro-Europe, but fail to convince

Nick Clegg has sketched out a campaign strategy aiming to corner Britain's pro-European voters. But a face-off with eurosceptic Nigel Farage on Wednesday (26 March) demonstrated the limits of his vision.
EU Elections 2014 17-03-2014

TV debate to show Juncker-Schulz duel

Socialist and centre-right European parties have picked each other as prime targets for the EU election campaign, with new TV debates between Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude Juncker scheduled for May. 
Reinhard Bütikofer [European Parliament]
Elections 14-03-2014

Election debates: Democratic competition or political oligopoly?

Austrian and German TV will host a presidential debate between the Socialist and People's Party candidates. By doing so, they obscure the pluralism that will dominate the next European Parliament, writes Reinhard Bütikofer.
EU Elections 2014 07-03-2014

Juncker beats rival in centre-right race for EU presidency

The European People’s Party (EPP) nominated Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday (7 March) as its candidate to lead the EU election campaign and become the next president of the European Commission.
EU Elections 2014 06-03-2014

Televised ‘showdown’ between EU election candidates on hold

The idea of organising a televised 'presidential showdown' between the two leading candidates in the European election campaign is up in the air, as EU parties fail to agree over the format.
EU Elections 2014 26-02-2014

Officials seek greater EU election turnout with televised ‘presidential debate’

EXCLUSIVE / EU political parties are planning a televised face-off between the two frontrunners for the European Commission presidency just two days before the 2014 EU parliamentary elections open, EURACTIV has learned.
Elections 11-09-2012

Experts: Rutte poised for second term in the Netherlands

Dutch caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte is expected to once again form a coalition government after the general elections in the Netherlands on Wednesday (12 September), experts predict. However, the outcome of the election is still highly uncertain as many voters remain undecided.