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Transport 11-05-2022

Towards the mass adoption of smart and bidirectional charging, the key contribution of the “Fit for 55” package

With the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the “Fit for 55” package, the European Commission issued very ambitious proposals to decarbonise the transport sector through electrification, fostering innovation. We need to secure this impetus in the ongoing legislative process.
Electricity 07-02-2022

Europe needs smart charging of all EVs now

As sales of electric vehicles continue to rise, smart charging needs to be the standard. In fact, without smart charging as the default, costs for the energy system will increase unnecessarily, burdening all consumers, write Julia Hildermeier and Jaap Burger.
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Biofuels 26-01-2022

The legislator must focus on transport, not only on individual e-mobility

While the European Union is setting out its 2050 net-zero strategy, it has become apparent that the transition to a zero and low-carbon economy is an enormous task and much harder than originally anticipated.
Energy 15-05-2020

Green Deal – and electrification – should be the backbone of EU recovery plan

The Green Deal is Europe’s growth strategy. Making it the backbone of the recovery plan is not only necessary in a climate perspective, but also from an economic point of view – in order to create growth and work opportunities that are sustainable in the long run, argue Nordic energy CEOs and top executives.
Electricity 10-07-2018

Higher shares of renewables for higher levels of electrification

A deep decarbonisation of the European economy is doable, but it will rely heavily on an increased uptake of electricity – even if the challenges are very different across the individual use sectors, writes Kristian Ruby.
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Electricity 12-07-2017

Europe must show the way on climate action

Clouds are gathering on the international climate agenda. But Europe must continue with its efforts despite the fact that President Trump has decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement, writes Kristian Ruby.