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Transport 10-11-2016

Bulc defends plan to overhaul road toll rules

“Let me assure you that we're not after a revolution here,” Violeta Bulc said at a small Brussels conference this week after she outlined her plans to overhaul rules governing transport and shipping on roads.
Transport 07-04-2016

What is the EU doing about truck CO2 emissions?

Pressure is mounting on manufacturers to lower carbon dioxide emissions from trucks, buses and coaches. The European Commission is planning to introduce the first EU-wide standards to measure CO2 from heavy duty vehicles this summer, as a first step to regulate emissions.
Climate change 20-10-2015

EU will beat 2020 emissions target but won’t raise it without backing at COP21

The European Union is on track to beat its target reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 but any move to increase it from 20% to 30% will only be considered if matched by developed countries at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

EU ministers’ ‘deal’ on emissions leaves little time for COP21 diplomacy

EXCLUSIVE / On Friday (18 September), EU environment ministers will overcome divisions over the bloc’s negotiating stance for international talks to limit global warming, but are expected to warn that progress must speed up to secure a worldwide climate change deal.
Transport 05-03-2015

Sulphur Directive pushes shipping into stormy waters

The European Union's Sulphur Directive limits sulphur emissions from commercial shipping to 0.1%, in a zone that extends from the English Channel to the Baltic Sea. Enforcing the regulation is proving problematic for member states. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 18-05-2011

EU hails ‘outstanding’ British climate pledge

EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has warmly praised a British government decision to halve its 1990 greenhouse gas emission level within 14 years – if the EU takes similar action. 
Climate change 24-11-2010

China to outstrip EU’s higher CO2 reduction plans

A European Union proposal to raise the bloc's target for cutting CO2 emissions would have only a limited impact on global warming as any benefit would be easily offset by China's growing emissions, the International Energy Agency's chief economist has said.
Energy 10-11-2010

IEA warns of high oil prices if climate pledges not met

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has appealed to governments to implement their climate pledges vigorously to avoid doubling oil prices.
Climate change 15-10-2010

Debate on CO2 target exposes rift among EU businesses

Environment ministers yesterday (14 October) postponed a decision on whether the EU should raise its 2020 emissions reduction target, in a debate that brought to the surface a division between businesses.
Climate change 14-10-2010

EU to leave decision on CO2 cuts until next year

Environment ministers are meeting today (14 October) in Luxembourg to set out the EU's strategy for the UN climate conference in Cancún at the end of the year. No decision is expected on whether to raise the bloc's CO2 emission target.
Climate change 14-10-2010

EU set to overshoot its Kyoto emission targets

A large fall in greenhouse gas emissions brought about by a reduction of industrial activity led by the economic crisis has put the EU on a fast track to meet its Kyoto commitments, but Austria, Denmark and Italy are falling behind, according to new figures.
Climate change 15-09-2010

Commission plans climate targets for 2030, 2050

The European Commission has started working on climate targets above and beyond 2020, arguing that they will be instrumental in fending off competition from leading clean-tech industries in China and elsewhere, according to EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard.
Climate change 30-07-2010

Global climate effort ‘still inadequate’ as talks continue

Countries' pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions offer virtually no chance of halting global warming before it reaches dangerous levels, researchers said as negotiators gather in Bonn to continue climate talks next week. 
Climate change 15-07-2010

EU’s ‘big three’ issue joint call for 30% CO2 cuts

Ministers from the UK, France and Germany have issued a joint call for the EU to raise its emission reduction target to 30% by 2020.
Climate change 16-06-2010

Move to 30% CO2 cuts ‘feasible’ if distributed across sectors

The EU could cut emissions by 30% by 2020 without incurring any additional costs, according to Niklas Höhne, director of energy and climate policy at renewable energy consultancy Ecofys. But the switch to a higher target needs to be balanced across sectors, he told EURACTIV in an interview.
Climate change 16-06-2010

Researcher: Move to 30% CO2 cuts feasible if distributed across sectors

The EU could cut emissions by 30% by 2020 without incurring any additional costs, according to Niklas Höhne, director of energy and climate policy at renewable energy consultancy Ecofys. But the switch to a higher target needs to be balanced across sectors, he told EURACTIV in an interview.
Climate change 14-06-2010

EU ministers rally support for 30% CO2 cuts

The majority of EU environment ministers lent their support on Friday (11 June) for deeper CO2 cuts later this year, with several, including France's Jean-Louis Borloo, speaking strongly in favour. Italy's minister, however, said the move was not backed by Rome.
Climate change 11-06-2010

Oil nations block switch to 1.5°C climate goal

Two weeks of climate talks in Bonn saw developing countries launch a new push to agree on stricter targets for halting global warming, only for the deal to be killed by Saudi Arabia. The blow came as new data showed that loopholes in pledges would allow rich countries to increase their emissions. EURACTIV reports from Bonn.
Climate change 27-05-2010

Hedegaard backtracks on EU climate goals

EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard yesterday (26 May) presented a paper making the case for moving towards a unilateral 30% cut in EU greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. But she failed to stand behind it, bowing to pressure from France and Germany.
Climate change 03-05-2010

Brussels to argue for 30% CO2 reduction target

The economic slump has cut the cost of meeting the EU's current 2020 emission reduction target by nearly a third, making a move to a 30% cut affordable, according to a draft European Commission communication seen by EURACTIV.
Climate change 03-05-2010

Electric cars push needs ‘careful thinking’

Despite a strong push to ramp up the production of electric cars around the world, experts warn that their roll-out needs to be carefully planned before investors open their wallets.
Energy 14-04-2010

EU shown 2050 path to renewables-based economy

Europe could meet at least 80% of its energy needs from renewables by 2050 without paying more for electricity than it would by continuing with current fossil-fuel based infrastructure, according to a new report by the European Climate Foundation (ECF).
Climate change 16-03-2010

EU emissions target compromises green jobs, Greens warn

The EU needs to up its emission reduction target if it is to create green jobs, especially now that the economic crisis has brought the bloc's current goals within easy reach, Green MEPs warned yesterday (15 March).
Climate change 10-03-2010

EU comes up with exit strategy for climate talks

The EU's new commissioner for climate action wants Europe to continue leading global negotiations and pursue deeper emission cuts, even if its current pledge of 20% reductions by 2020 is not matched by other developed countries.