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Electric vehicles 11-06-2021

Five steps the EU can take to create a circular economy for cars

While vehicles provide economic and societal benefits, they come with a sizeable carbon footprint. The European Green Deal is a chance for car manufacturers to make their processes more circular, write Maya Ben Dror and Tilmann Vahle.
Batteries 11-06-2021

Brussels promises new EU legislation for end-of-life vehicles in 2022

The European Commission will come forward at the end of 2022 with a proposal to remove the most polluting end-of-life vehicles from EU roads, European Green Deal Commissioner Frans Timmermans said on Thursday (10 June).
Circular materials 07-06-2021

Car industry unconvinced by calls for mandatory recycled plastic target

Recycling organisations have urged Brussels lawmakers to make the use of recycled plastic mandatory in new vehicles, a move they say will help to bring cars in line with circular use principles. But car manufacturers are hesitant to back the proposal.
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Energy 12-11-2014

EUROBAT: Batteries and their contribution to a sustainable society

EUROBAT, the European Association for Automotive and Industrial Batteries, announced the results of studies on trends in automotive batteries. These underline the particular need for the long term co-existence between all battery technologies for meeting future mobility demands. A new report also revealed that closed loop collection and recycling for automotive lead-based batteries is a reality. Batteries for energy storage applications are also readily available and facilitating the integration of renewable energy in the electricity grid.
Climate change 09-05-2007

Progress still slow on vehicle recycling, study shows

Four years after its entry into force, the implementation of the End-Of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive is still beset by significant problems. According to a new study, complex administrative requirements and reluctance by some members states to impose additional costs on automakers are among the main stumbling blocks. 
Climate change 09-04-2003

Eight countries taken to Court over end-of-life vehicles directive

The Commission decided on 8 April to refer eight Member States to the EU's Court of Justice because they failed to transpose the European rules on the scrapping of old cars.
Climate change 29-01-2003

Not much progress on implementation of end-of-life vehicles Directive

On 27 January, the Parliament's Environment Committee held a question and answer session with the Commission to find out that the end-of-life vehicles Directive, whose implementation deadline passed already in April last year, has still not been transposed into national law by more than half of the Member States.
Climate change 13-08-2001

German and UK industry criticise implementation plans for car recycling

The German government has drafted strict new legislation on car recycling, implementing the EU's directive on end-of-life vehicles. If adopted in the autumn by Mr Schröder's cabinet, the German legislation could set the tone for other Member States' implementation of the EU's car recycling laws. In the UK, the motor industry also criticised the lack of consultation in the UK government's implementation plans for this directive.
Climate change 14-06-2000

Commission tackles electric and electronic waste

The Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)