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Agrifood 18-11-2015

Commission outlines Energy Union legislative path

Commission Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi? unveiled the executive's plans for laying the foundations of the Energy Union, until the end of its term in 2019.
Workers in Map Ta Phut, a petrochemical industrial hub in Thailand [©Solvay photolibrary]

Chemical industry guarded about its European future

The European chemical sector has issued a “very serious” warning about its slumping competitiveness, but refuses to be alarmist just yet, saying shareholders should not worry, that big industrial groups are now global, and less exposed to Europe.
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay [© Jean-Michel Byl - Solvay photolibrary]

Solvay CEO: ‘We badly need a European energy policy’

Lack of access to affordable energy is the key driver behind the slow erosion of competitiveness in the European chemical sector, warns Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, who urges policymakers to reach agreement on a genuine European energy policy.
Energy 16-09-2014

EU polluters to land €5bn windfall under ‘carbon leakage’ proposal

Heavily-polluting industries are in line for a €5bn handout from Europe’s taxpayers because of the way the EU is measuring their exposure to unregulated competitors outside the bloc, according to an unpublished report prepared for the European commission.
Energy 10-09-2014

Heavy industries renew calls for ‘carbon leakage’ protection

Raising the EU's emission targets for 2030 would threaten industrial competitiveness if they are not accompanied by supporting measures, according to the chemical industry and other energy-intensive sectors, which stepped up their campaign for protective measures in Brussels on Tuesday (9 September).
Energy 22-01-2014

Efficiency and renewables make Europe competitive, EU study says

EXCLUSIVE / European industry has maintained its global market position thanks to relatively low energy intensity levels and high renewables penetration, according to a study into the continent’s competitiveness due to be released by the European Commission as part of its clean energy package today (22 January).
Energy 03-10-2011

Internal energy market in doubt as 18 states face court

An exasperated EU energy commissioner gave his starkest warning yet that the EU's internal energy market may not meet its 2014 deadline, speaking at a Brussels conference last week.
Energy 01-06-2010

EU starts defining energy strategy for next decade

EU ministers yesterday (31 May) gave their first views on the upcoming EU energy strategy for 2011-2020, agreeing that it should be ready for endorsement by EU leaders in March 2011.
Climate change 25-02-2010

Greens unimpressed by draft ‘Europe 2020’ plan

A draft 'EU 2020' strategy proposal has come under attack for failing to offer a road map to green growth, despite rhetoric on the importance of gaining a competitive edge in environmental technologies.
Competition 27-11-2008

Commission closes antitrust case against E.ON

The European Commission closed an antitrust case against E.ON AG Wednesday (26 November) by formally accepting the German energy giant's commitment to selling a fifth of its power generation capacity along with its extra-high voltage distribution network.

EU scientists team up on clean energy research

Ten leading European research institutes have joined forces to expedite the development of new cleaner technologies to steer the EU towards achieving its ambitious energy and climate change agenda.
Energy 24-07-2008

Discussing the impact assessment of the ‘third energy liberalisation package’

Questions are being raised about the quality and effectiveness of evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of the Commission's impact assessment on the third energy liberalisation package, says Jacopo Torriti in a May 2008 report for the European University Institute.
Competition 24-07-2008

Brussels unperturbed by new national energy giant

The merger of French energy companies Gaz de France and Suez has created a new national 'champion', triggering accusations of protectionism from some of the country's neighbours. But the Commission expects the new giant to respect its obligations under EU competition law.
Competition 18-07-2008

EU Court says Spanish blockage of energy merger illegal

The EU's highest court ruled on 17 July that Spain broke EU internal market rules when it insisted last year that all mergers in the energy sector must be pre-approved by its national energy regulator, effectively thwarting a takeover attempt on the national energy company Endesa by Germany's E.ON.
Development Policy 07-12-2007

Debate heats up over Europe’s ‘carbon competitiveness’

While delegates from over 190 nations meet in Bali to set a negotiating framework for a post-2012 global regime to reduce CO2 emissions, Europe's energy intensive industries have expressed concerns about how they will fare in a new world order with a potentially high carbon price tag. 
Energy 23-11-2007

EU struggling to secure funds for ‘low carbon future’

The European Commission has proposed industrial initiatives and greater research efforts as part of plans to increase the uptake of low CO2 technologies in the EU, but postponed difficult financing questions to next year. 
Energy 30-07-2007

EU steps up pressure on France to liberalise energy market

The Commission announced the opening of antitrust procedures on 26 July against the leading French energy company, EDF, and the Belgian branch of Suez, Electrabel - saying that it suspected both energy providers of foreclosure of the Belgian and French electricity markets. 
Energy 26-07-2007

Incentives, risk and decision-making in mitigating climate change

Responding to climate change is made complex by several sources of uncertainty but greater certainty may come at the expense of policy flexibility, says William Blyth in a June 2007 paper for Chatham House.
Trade & Society 16-03-2007

Barroso vows to press on with economic reforms

With business confidence back at a high, now is not the time for complacency, Commission President José Manuel Barroso told the European Business Summit, announcing that talks on a transatlantic single market will be launched at an EU-US meeting in April.
Energy 06-03-2007

Citizens and business split on future EU energy supply

While Europe's citizens feel that the way to tackle climate change and energy security is to increase the share of renewable energy, business says that the future is nuclear.
Trade & Society 28-02-2007

Panel urges EU to scrap funds for ‘dirty energy’

A high-level group advising the Commission on energy issues has recommended phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies, as EU leaders prepare to endorse proposals for a common energy policy at a summit in Brussels on 8-9 March.

Lisbon goals unattainable without revised energy policy, say MEPs

The European Parliament says that improving energy efficiency must be at the centre of efforts to fulfil Europe's Lisbon objectives of becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.
Energy 07-02-2007

Kroes renews calls to split up energy firms

The EU's anti-trust chief has reiterated her plea for 'ownership unbundling', defying the French and other critics who claim that liberalisation is increasing the EU's vulnerability to suppliers that are willing to use oil or gas as a political tool.
Med & South 20-10-2006

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Putin’s power games and climate-change energy issues set to dominate Lahti summit, with the arrival of Russia’s president set to conclude the Finnish summit.