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  • EU moots border tax to offset costs of climate action

    Sustainable Development 10-10-2006

    A paper drafted for the Commission suggests taxing goods imported from countries that do not impose a CO2 cap on their industry as a way to compensate for the costs of climate- change measures.

  • Spain ordered to lift barriers to Endesa takeover

    Competition 26-09-2006

    The conditions imposed by energy regulator CNE over German energy giant E.ON are illegal, the Commission ruled on 26 September.

  • Energy, competitiveness and the environment

    Trade & Society 02-08-2006

    A group of top regulators and industry executives operates at EU level to advise the Commission on policy initiatives related to energy, competitiveness and the environment. The need for massive new energy infrastructure investments and shortcomings in EU gas and electricity markets feature among the topics being dealt with by the group. The EU emissions trading scheme is also being reviewed to make sure it does not put European industries at a disadvantage to international competitors.