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Energy-efficient heating and cooling is essential for a resilient future.

Heating & cooling account for half of the final energy consumption in Europe, and most of this is still based on fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is the foundation for decarbonizing this essential sector. To make it happen, we need strong political signals – now – says Jürgen Fischer, President at Danfoss Climate Solutions.
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EU Security of Supply – The energy Europe needs is around us. Let’s use it.

In addition to energy savings, import diversification and renewables, Europe should also look inwards to secure its energy supply.
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Don’t leave biodiversity by the wayside

Current crises should not derail global and European nature restoration ambitions, argues Nick Canney, European Managing Director of innocent drinks.
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Agrifood 21-04-2022

TROPICSAFE achieves significant results to better manage coconut lethal yellowing, grapevine yellows and “huanglongbing”

Monitoring and developing specific diagnostic methods allowed the identification of the different bacteria associated with these diseases in the ecosystems studied. New insect vectors and alternative host plant species of the studied pathogens were also identified.
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How can the EU ETS facilitate energy transition across the EU?

The reform of the ETS is a key part of the EU’s ambitious “Fit for 55” Package paving Europe’s way to climate neutrality. In the opinion of PKEE the EU co-legislators shaping new ETS regulations should address price volatility, the allocation key, and the scope and size of the Modernisation Fund.
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European Chemicals Agency Targets Critical Battery Raw Material

A newly-published study by economic analysis experts highlights the “significant contribution to the continent’s economy” of an EU battery value chain success story.
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Commission’s draft methane rules miss crucial climate opportunity

The Commission’s newly proposed methane legislation offers important technical measures but ignores the bulk of Europe’s methane footprint from imported gas. It is now up to MEPs and member states to build on international momentum and bolster Europe’s ambition.
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Electricity Price Hikes? How smart buildings can keep bills low

The Fit for 55 package and more specifically the EPBD revision offer the legislative opportunities to stimulate a real-time, flexible consumption of clean energy in buildings and ensure a cost-effective transition towards climate neutrality where consumers are at the centre.
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A sustainable future: Why digitalisation of the energy sector is key

Europe’s green transition requires concrete action from all sectors, not least of all in energy. Key to securing a sustainable future will be digitalising our sector in a secure and inclusive manner. Cisco and Enel are collaborating towards these goals.

EU taxonomy for sustainable activities – Should nuclear energy be left out?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out about the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities, and whether nuclear energy should continue to be excluded.
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Reshaping our energy system – the decade of action is now

To achieve rapid and effective decarbonisation of our economy and to tackle climate change, Europe must utilise the potential that available pre- and post-combustion gas technologies offer complementary to variable renewable energy.
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Will COP26 lead to actionable take-aways or be a dine-in and leave with an empty stomach experience? Reflections of a CEO new to COP26

No matter what leaders bring to COP26 tables, the question is will they make binding commitments to do better upon their return? I am optimistic, because positivity tends to result in a willingness to act, which the world really needs.
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Waste as a valuable material and secondary resource – the paradigm shift

It is not enough to manufacture recyclable products, collectively we have to build the systems to recycle all waste and focus on reducing our carbon footprint now.  Real change requires collective action.
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Gas makes the European Green Deal work

With the European Green Deal, the European Union has a vision for climate protection and an economy of the future. Dawn Summers, President of GasNaturally and COO of Wintershall Dea, sets out how natural gas can contribute
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Sustainable infrastructure must be the core of the energy transition

Sustainable infrastructure is a core element in reaching climate neutrality. The Fit for 55 package is a major step in the right direction, but more can be done to unleash the full potential of infrastructure systems.
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Overlooking waste incineration will not make waste disappear

Waste generation across Europe and its treatment are two critical challenges that must be overcome in order to meet the ambitious EU climate goals. Non-recyclable waste and Waste-to-Energy deserve a thorough discussion.
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Why carbon capture is key to limiting climate change

The UN says reducing emissions isn’t enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change – Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) will need to be part of the solution.
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Making climate neutral Chemicals and materials a reality

The success of the European Green Deal depends on an integrated approach to sustainability and policymaking. Climate and circular economy policies must go hand in hand or risk hampering meaningful progress.
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‘Metal Packaging for Sustainability: 10 Benefits of the Beverage Can’

Download PDF  

When it comes to safe, sustainable and versatile packaging, it’s pretty hard to beat the beverage can. Read on to find out why! For more information, access our website here.  
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Technology 24-09-2021

Making the Green Deal the Real Deal

The Green Deal is one of the biggest economic transitions ever. The telecoms industry will assume an essential role as enabler and engine of a greener economy, social stability and sustainable growth in Europe, says Dominique Leroy, Board Member Deutsche Telekom AG for Europe.
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National social dialogue must be improved, or Europe will fail to deliver a Just Transition of the Green Transition

Social dialogue and workers’ rights are evidently undermined across Europe. This will jeopardise the Just Transition – a fair and inclusive green transition that leaves no-one behind.
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1 in 4 hunters will stop hunting if near-total ban on lead ammunition becomes reality

If the ban on the use of all lead ammunition becomes reality, 25% of hunters in Europe (nearly 2 million people) will stop hunting entirely and at least 30% will hunt less frequently.
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CPOPC Files Objection to EU Targeting Palm Oil in RED II Delegated Act Determining High ILUC-Risk Feedstock

CPOPC filed an objection to the European Commission regarding the RED II Delegated Act “on the determination of high ILUC-risk feedstock” and Implementing Act on “Sustainable biofuels, bioliquids and biomass fuels – voluntary schemes”.
Elections 03-09-2021

Greens leader Baerbock: Extremist or progressive force for Europe?

Annalena Baerbock is the first Green lead candidate in German history. But who is Baerbock, and what are her plans for Germany and Europe?