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Circular economy 26-04-2022

No green and digital transition without raw materials, EU warns

Europe's transition to a sustainable and digital society is only possible with a strategic approach to the raw materials needed to manufacture chips, electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies, the EU's internal market Commissioner Thierry Breton said on Monday (25 April).
Energy 13-04-2022

Why Spanish-Portuguese proposal to intervene in wholesale energy markets is problematic

Spain and Portugal want to push ahead with a benchmark price for energy, but this could lead to increased consumption of fossil gas, inflated gas prices and fewer incentives to invest in renewable energy, warns Lion Hirth and Christoph Maurer.
Energy 08-04-2022

The allure of Middle East hydrogen

With European and Asian gas prices hitting historic highs, even expensive hydrogen begins to look more attractive, but production costs need to drop significantly and production must be scaled up if it is to become an alternative to fossil gas, writes Robin Mills.
Energy 06-04-2022

Cost of gas storage refill will be evenly spread, EU assures

Austria, the Netherlands and Hungary have flagged concerns about EU plans to ensure the bloc’s gas storage is at least 80% full by 1 November, warning they would bear a disproportionate amount of the cost.
Energy 25-03-2022

EU, US strike LNG deal as Europe seeks to ditch Russian gas

The United States will aim to supply 15 billion cubic metres (bcm) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to EU markets this year to help Europe break away from Russian fossil fuel supplies, the two sides announced on Friday (25 March).
Energy 24-03-2022

EU leaders to debate ‘contagion effect’ of gas prices on electricity

At the insistence of Spain and other southern countries, EU leaders will instruct officials to look into the contagion effect of gas prices on electricity markets, according to draft summit conclusions seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 09-03-2022

EU lawmakers call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports

Around 100 lawmakers from across Europe have called for a ban on imports of Russian oil, gas and coal ahead of a meeting of EU leaders in Versailles, France, on Thursday and Friday (10-11 March).
Energy 09-03-2022

Spain seeks EU funding for ‘green gas’ interconnector to rest of Europe

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called on the European Union to finance gas interconnections with the rest of Europe, saying new infrastructure should also include green gases such as hydrogen. EURACTIV's partner El Diario reports.
Agrifood 09-03-2022

Commission doubles ambition for EU biomethane production from agricultural waste

The European Commission has doubled its objective for home-grown biomethane production to 35 billion cubic metres per year by 2030 as part of efforts to bolster the bloc against a looming energy crisis, according to a new communication.
Energy 08-03-2022

Germany rules out prolonging its nuclear power plants

Berlin has ruled out an extension for the runtime of its nuclear fleet, in spite of concerns over the energy supply following threats to stop supplying gas to Germany and the calls for an embargo on Russian energy commodities.
Transport 04-03-2022

Petrol prices soar as Ukraine conflict panics energy markets

Gas and oil prices have hit new highs this week, with crude oil prices surpassing $110 per barrel for the first time since 2014, as the war in Ukraine caused panic on energy markets.
Agrifood 04-03-2022

Commission mulls new communication on impact of energy crisis on the agri sector

The European Commission is considering a new, separate communication on the impact of the energy crisis focused specifically on the agriculture sector alongside a broader communication on the energy crisis, according to sources. 
Energy 02-03-2022

LEAK: EU drafts plan to ditch Russian gas

Europe needs to build up its renewable energy capacity and diversify its gas supply to end its dependency on Russian gas, according to a leaked draft of the EU’s communication on energy prices seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 01-03-2022

Tax windfall profits of energy firms to raise money for green investments, EU to tell countries

The European Commission will propose that EU countries tax profits made from recent gas price spikes and use it to invest in renewable energy and energy-saving renovations, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday (28 February).
Energy 25-02-2022

Spain calls for ‘structural solutions’ as energy prices soar on back of Ukraine war

Europe needs to drastically reform its energy market to tackle the ongoing price crunch, Spain told the European Commission in a letter sent on Wednesday (23 February), just before the conflict in Ukraine caused energy prices to spike.
Agrifood 22-02-2022

LEAK: Commission banks on biogas to protect EU farmers from energy crisis

Biogas production has been earmarked as a key way to help fortify the EU's struggling farm sector against burgeoning energy costs, according to a draft of the European Commission’s communication on energy prices due to be published next month.

Lead EU lawmaker proposes carbon market rules to respond to price spikes

The European Parliament's lead lawmaker on reforms to the EU carbon market on Wednesday proposed rules to make it easier for policymakers to intervene in the scheme if prices rise too fast.
Energy 10-02-2022

New Polish gas plants will cost taxpayers billions, derail green transition: study

Poland’s plans to build five new gas power plants will cost more than investments into renewables and undermine efforts to reach net zero emissions, according to the think tank Carbon Tracker.
Energy 08-02-2022

Lawmakers call for tough EU measures to tackle methane leaks from gas imports

The European Commission’s proposed regulation to slash methane emissions should be stricter on imported fossil fuels and tackle greenhouse gas emissions beyond Europe, according to the lawmakers who are drafting the Parliament’s stance on the proposal.
Energy 03-02-2022

EU reviewing contingency plans for gas supply disruptions

The European Union is reviewing contingency plans for disruptions to gas supply, although countries' storage and infrastructure should buffer against major shocks, the EU's energy policy chief said on Wednesday (2 February).
Energy 28-01-2022

EU, US pledge cooperation on energy security amid Russia threat

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden pledged on Friday (28 January) to cooperate on guaranteeing Europe’s and Ukraine’s energy security amid a standoff triggered by Russia amassing troops at Ukraine's border.
Energy 15-12-2021

EU to allow joint gas buying, plots low-carbon gas shift

The European Commission on Wednesday (15 December) proposed rules allowing EU countries to jointly buy strategic reserves of gas, under plans that would also bolster gas storage and aim to add more low-carbon gases to the network.
Energy 13-12-2021

EU to propose joint gas buying in response to high energy prices – document

The European Commission will propose a voluntary system for EU countries to jointly buy gas to form strategic reserves in response to soaring energy prices, according to a document shared with countries ahead of a summit this week.

Energy crisis could worsen poverty for millions of Europeans

Energy prices have skyrocketed in the past months, increasing the concern that millions of Europeans will have to choose between paying their bills and putting food on the table this winter.