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Trade & Society 27-05-2015

A new International Energy Charter fit for the 21st century

The European Energy Charter was first signed in 1991, mainly to connect the resource rich fuel producing regions in Eastern Europe with much-needed Western European investment. But the world has changed a great deal since then, writes Howard Chase.
Development Policy 05-11-2009

EU-US summit yields energy cooperation

The EU and US have held the first meeting of a new transatlantic Energy Council, after the US President Barack Obama and EU leaders had agreed to establish the new energy forum for cooperation during a summit on Tuesday.
Energy 17-10-2008

The future of EU-Russia energy relations

"EU-Russia energy relations should be straightforward, mutually beneficial and fast-growing, but they are not," writes Katinka Barysch, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform (CER), in a report featuring contributions from various authors.
Med & South 26-10-2007

Europe’s external energy policy: The Russian dimension

Meeting the external challenge posed by Russia requires a major re-orientation of EU energy policy and a robust approach to security of supply, writes Dieter Helm in a 3 September paper.
Energy 09-05-2007

The Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership

Exceptional political leadership, serious public debate and concerted action are required from the highest consuming countries in order to bring energy supply and consumption into a sustainable balance, states the final report of the Club de Madrid’s 5th General Assembly on the 'Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership', which took place in Madrid on 20-21 October 2006.

Energy policy during the German EU Presidency

In this article for think-tank Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), German Economics and TechnologyMinister Michael Glos highlights the key elements of the German EU Presidency's energy policy.
Central Europe 10-01-2007

Geopolitics of EU energy supply

As one of the world's largest importers of oil, gas and coal, the EU is a major player on the international energy market - However, it remains a dwarf on the political stage as member states keep the upper hand on foreign policy. With external dependence on imports forecast to grow steadily, the EU has started to integrate energy aspects into relations with third countries. EURACTIV brings an overview of relations with key regions for supply and transit.
Energy 31-08-2006

Norway calls off EU energy meeting

A meeting with Commissioner Andris Piebalgs was called off by Norway's energy minister on 30 August, officially because of important national budgetary discussions.
Energy 30-08-2006

EU, Norway eye ‘huge’ Arctic oil and gas deposits

The EU and Norway are meeting in Brussels to discuss energy issues, including the exploitation of possibly huge oil and gas deposits in the Arctic. But a border dispute with Russia is so far holding up exploration in the area.
Med & South 26-07-2006

Analysis: EU-Russia – new sources of ‘soft power’

In the summer edition of Europe's World, Charles William Maynes (President of the Eurasia Foundation) takes a critical stance at the EU's soft power approach in its relation to Russia, and suggests ways of invigorating it. 
Security 22-06-2006

EU-US beef up cooperation on energy

Among a large host of issues the EU US summit backed new enhanced energy dialogue to promote cooperation on climate change, energy security and cleaner technologies.
Med & South 21-06-2006

EU-Russia Energy Charter deal in the autumn?

An agreement on the 1994 Energy Charter Treaty could take place at the EU-Russia energy conference in October, according to EU energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.
Med & South 21-06-2006

Russia and the EU – energy dialogue or energy conflict?

Russian and Western authorities handle energy trade and gas supply to EU in a "non-productive" fashion, comments Viktor Ivanter of the Institute of National Economic Forecasts. 
Security 19-06-2006

A Synergy for Black Sea Regional Cooperation

Fabrizio Tassinari (CEPS) looks into the manifold challenges arising from the Black Sea area, taking into account recent developments that should raise the EU interest in the region. He also advocates the idea of an EU initiative to make most of the existing attempts of regional cooperation in this area.
Trade & Society 30-05-2006

Analysis: A new agreement between the EU and Russia?

With energy currently on top of EU-Russia relations, researchers at CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) discuss the different options available for the replacement of the 10-year old EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA).
Energy 20-03-2006

EU-Russia energy talks stalled in Moscow

Commission President José Manuel Barroso came back from a visit to Russia this weekend with no tangible progress on the 'special relationship' he intends to foster with Moscow on energy.
Med & South 13-02-2006

G8 urges Russia to secure reliable energy supplies

Finance ministers of the world's eight most industrialised nations urged Moscow to ratify an energy charter treaty at the weekend after a spat with Ukraine in January highlighted Europe's dependence on Russian gas supplies.
Med & South 22-10-2003

EU and Russia plan to interconnect electricity grids

The EU-Russia Energy Dialogue was taken a step further at two roundtable discussions on 16-17 October in Moscow.