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Energy 11-06-2013

EU official: shale gas el dorado out of Europe’s reach

A senior European Commission official has poured cold water on claims that a shale gas boom in Europe would result in de-facto low gas prices. 
Climate change 25-10-2012

Greenpeace pushes for renewable energy targets beyond 2020

The European Union is on the right track for its 2020 renewables targets but will not receive real returns on investment until after that period, says a new Greenpeace EU report.
Energy 02-12-2011

Nuclear energy ‘does not reduce the price of electricity’

Nuclear power plants can be attractive for their owners but not necessarily for consumers as they hardly ever determine the price of electricity on the energy exchange, says Alois Tost, an independent energy consultant. In an interview with EURACTIV.cz, the German expert also adivsed against solar photovoltaics to compensate for Germany's nuclear phase-out.
Energy 23-06-2011

Brussels slaps opt-outs on efficiency plan

EU member states have been granted an opt-out from efficiency plans that would force energy companies to make savings among final customers of 1.5% a year.
Central Europe 26-02-2010

EU accession ‘boosted’ Czech green business

Companies investing in renewables in the Czech Republic say the country's EU accession provided a major boost for green businesses. However, they complained of a "huge administrative burden" and favouritism of certain technologies. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.