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Transport 19-05-2015

Germany and UK left behind, as EU beats transport emissions target

German and British vans are among the worst polluters in an increasingly fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly EU fleet, according to the European Environment Agency. 
Transport 13-11-2014

Report: Car emissions higher than predicted

Cars are not as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as officially described by the carmakers, a Transport and Environment (T&E) report has found. The reality is different due to flaws in the testing system.
Transport 27-11-2013

EU agrees new deadline on car emissions limits

The European Union on Tuesday (26 November) agreed a new compromise that delays stricter rules on carbon dioxide emissions for EU cars, ending months of wrangling after Germany insisted on tearing up an earlier deal.
Energy 15-10-2013

Germany wins backing of EU ministers to block car emissions law

EU environment ministers agreed yesterday (15 October) to German demands to scrap an agreement to cap EU car emissions that Berlin argued would cost jobs and damage its premium auto makers.
Transport 27-06-2013

Merkel seeks to derail EU compromise deal on car emissions

Germany is working to derail a compromise deal to enforce stricter rules on carbon dioxide emissions for all new cars in the European Union from 2020, EU sources said on Wednesday (26 June).