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European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger with Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard
Energy 28-03-2013

Oettinger calls for no new taxes as talks begin on 2030 climate targets

There should be no new taxes on energy within the EU, and current taxes should not be raised, if prices are to be kept competitive with rivals fuelled by cheap shale gas in the US, the EU's energy chief has told the Guardian.
Public Affairs 07-03-2007

Lobbyists scramble for attention on eve of summit

With energy and climate change stealing the headlines at this year's Spring European Council, environmental NGOs and industry groups ranging from large power utilities to the international margarine association are all trying to grab media attention.
Energy 02-03-2007

France resists last-minute push for EU renewables target

The UK has joined Germany, the European Commission and other member states to push for an EU target on renewable energies to be made mandatory, raising the stakes of the Spring Summit that will take place in Brussels on 8-9 March 2007.
Trade & Society 28-02-2007

Panel urges EU to scrap funds for ‘dirty energy’

A high-level group advising the Commission on energy issues has recommended phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies, as EU leaders prepare to endorse proposals for a common energy policy at a summit in Brussels on 8-9 March.
Energy 16-02-2007

EU ministers go for flexibility on renewables

Energy ministers agreed to raise biofuels use to a minimum of 10% by 2020 but rejected an EU-wide binding target for renewables, leaving it to member states to decide on specific objectives at national level.
Energy 09-02-2007

EU undecided over energy ‘industrial revolution’

Diplomats in Brussels were unable to make substantial progress on the Commission's proposed energy package, leaving crucial issues such as market liberalisation for ministers to debate at a meeting next week.
Energy 07-02-2007

Kroes renews calls to split up energy firms

The EU's anti-trust chief has reiterated her plea for 'ownership unbundling', defying the French and other critics who claim that liberalisation is increasing the EU's vulnerability to suppliers that are willing to use oil or gas as a political tool.
Energy 01-02-2007

EU energy research lacks focus, study finds

A closer link needs to be created between research, climate change and economic objectives, says the Commission ahead of an EU summit that will decide whether to double community funding for research in non-nuclear energies.
Energy 17-01-2007

Interview: Higher energy prices ‘inevitable’, says Piebalgs

Speaking exclusively to EURACTIV, Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs says that new energy and climate-change proposals should lead to higher prices for consumers. But paying 5% more now will avoid much steeper price hikes in the future, he argues.
Energy 17-01-2007

Andris Piebalgs: The Commission’s energy package

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs says that new energy and climate-change proposals should lead to higher prices for consumers. But paying 5% more now will avoid much steeper price hikes in the future, he argues.
Trade & Society 11-01-2007

EU energy blueprint puts onus on climate change and renewables

The Commission invites EU members to move forward 'unilaterally' with a 20% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2020 in a bid to reduce its dependency on imported fuels and trigger a new 'industrial revolution'.
Med & South 10-01-2007

Russia oil spat fuels EU case for common energy policy

The Commission was quick to use the Russia-Belarus oil dispute to make its case for stronger EU co-operation on energy as it prepares to table ambitious proposals today (10 January 2007).
Trade & Society 09-01-2007

Brussels seeks greater powers for national energy watchdogs

Proposals to be unveiled this week introduce a 'softer option' that would avoid breaking up major energy utilities in an attempt to ease tensions with France and Germany over market liberalisation.
Trade & Society 08-01-2007

EU to unveil plans for energy ‘industrial revolution’

In a paper to be presented this week, the Commission proposes a three-year road map towards a common European energy policy, with the aim of achieving a 20% greenhouse-gas emissions reduction by 2020.

Energy Green Paper: What energy policy for Europe?

The Commission opened the debate on a future common European Energy Policy with the publication of a 'Green Paper' in March 2006. Suggestions include completing the opening of European gas and electricity markets and stepping up relations with major suppliers such as Russia and OPEC. Other key suggestions include boosting renewable energies, energy efficiency, and research on low-carbon technologies. However, EU member states have already made clear that they would not tolerate interference with national sovereignty, especially when it comes to taking sensitive political decisions such as opting for nuclear power.
Energy 21-12-2006

Germany walking tightrope on EU energy blueprint

The official launch of a common energy policy in March will be a tricky task for Germany as it faces criticisms over its reluctance to open up gas and electricity markets and for going it alone on relations with Russia.

Support for EU energy policy waning, poll shows

Most Europeans prefer decisions on energy issues taken at national or local level, according to an opinion survey published just weeks ahead of major new Commission proposals.
Energy 24-11-2006

Energy choices proving complex for EU

Ministers agreed to pursue efforts on renewable energies but countries such as France refuse new binding targets until priority is placed on low-carbon sources, including nuclear, to achieve overarching climate goals.
Energy 22-11-2006

Nuclear and renewables on the menu at EU ministerial

Ministers will debate the long-term targets for renewable energies as well as the contribution of nuclear power to climate-change mitigation and supply security at a dinner devoted to the EU's energy mix.
Trade & Society 21-11-2006

Energy makes headway in EU foreign policies

A proposal will be issued at the end of November to incorporate energy issues in all of the EU's relations with neighbouring countries, External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner has announced.
Energy 06-11-2006

Total blackout narrowly avoided after outage

10 million people were left without electricity for up to two hours on Saturday (4 November) after a power failure in Germany led to supply disruptions across most of Western Europe.
Competition 02-11-2006

Kroes pushes to break up Europe’s energy giants

European competition chief says that she supports 'ownership unbundling', or the break-up of power utilities into companies dealing with infrastructure and supply and generation separately.
Energy 20-10-2006

Platform to boost wind-energy research

Led by industry and supported by the EU, the new technology platform will seek to map out priorities for wind-energy research up to 2030 and to direct funding into targeted areas such as offshore wind and grid integration.
Med & South 16-10-2006

EU summit to focus on Russia and energy

Heads of state and government will try to advance energy talks with Russia at an informal meeting on 20 October. A network of EU energy correspondents is expected to be formed to tackle potential external energy crises.