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EU Green Deal cannot deliver without a strong raw materials industry

Bernd Schäfer, CEO of EITRawMaterials, highlights the need for an overarching strategy and urgent action to secure the future of Europe’s strategic raw materials sector and ensure it can deliver on the Green Deal.
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Transport 06-05-2022

New materials for European roads – transition to lower-energy road maintenance is more urgent than ever

The consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine add to the existing supply chain issues facing road authorities across Europe. Many of the materials used in the essential maintenance of Europe’s key transport arteries are very energy demanding. It is urgent for European road authorities to reduce their reliance on such materials.
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How to make EU and national policies really fit for industrial decarbonisation

Faster access to alternative energy, higher funding support, strengthened carbon leakage protection are key elements of a successful transition
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“Affordable, green energy is the lifeblood of our industry, but our access to it is too limited,” says European Aluminium’s new Director General

Paul Voss, recently appointed Director General of European Aluminium, draws on his experience in the energy sector to answer questions about the impact of EU energy policy and the energy crisis on the aluminium industry.
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‘Fit for 55’ climate policies must be ambitious without undermining industry’s ability to invest in decarbonisation

Access to affordable clean electricity and a global level playing field on carbon pricing are crucial for the ability of energy-intensive industry in Europe to invest in decarbonisation. When EU Environment Ministers meet to discuss the revision of the EU ETS this week, they should look for a framework that puts Europe on track for carbon neutrality.