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Brussels rules out double carbon compensation for EU steelmakers

The European Commission has made it clear that industries covered by the EU’s upcoming carbon border levy will no longer receive free CO2 allowances under the bloc’s carbon market, the emissions trading scheme (EU ETS).

Investors caution cement, steel firms on EU climate lobbying

Cement and steel companies are being warned by investors over their lobbying on planned European Union carbon costs, saying they are effectively asking to be compensated twice over.
Economy & Jobs 25-03-2020

Thyssenkrupp to scrap 3,000 steel jobs as part of coronavirus ‘crisis package’

German industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp on Wednesday (25 March) announced it was scrapping 3,000 jobs in its troubled steel unit as part of a coronavirus "crisis package".

Zero-emission EU industry ‘within reach’ but costly, study says

Bringing emissions from heavy industry down to net-zero by 2050 is possible but will require costly new production processes and a 25-60% increase in near-term capital investments to reach €40-50 billion per year, according to new research published on Thursday (25 April).
Energy 16-07-2013

Polish minister denies shale gas exodus by US firms

EXCLUSIVE / Widespread reports that two US energy giants are planning to end their shale gas fracking operations in Poland are false and spread by “gossips,” the country’s deputy environment minister has told EURACTIV.
Energy 15-07-2013

EU court casts doubt on legality of Poland’s shale gas licences

Poland’s shale gas business is facing a serious challenge after the EU’s highest court ruled that Warsaw violated European law by allowing licences to be issued for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, without fully open tenders.
Energy 24-05-2013

Energy savings hopes dashed by EU leaders’ ‘political cowardice’

Progress on energy efficiency was blocked at an EU summit on Wednesday (22 May) by a cocktail of myopic business interests and timid leadership, according to Hans Nilsson, a board member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE).
Energy 23-05-2013

Cheap shale gas bubble ‘will burst within 2-4 years’: Expert

The current shale gas boom which has bathed the US economy in cheap energy will soon go bust, a former gas industry geologist has told EURACTIV.
Energy 22-05-2013

EU summit set to turn climate agenda upside down

Europe’s plan to decarbonise its economy by 2050 could be turned on its head at a summit today (22 May) if EU heads of state and government sign off on measures prioritising industrial competitiveness over climate change in draft conclusions seen by EURACTIV.

Ex-NASA scientist says reindustrialising with fossil fuels makes no sense

A noted climatologist and recently-retired NASA research chief has entered the EU’s energy policy debate, with a warning that any re-industrialisation strategy which increases fossil fuels use can only be short-term, irrational and economically wasteful.
Energy 07-06-2012

Europe’s factories braced for power price squeeze

EU member states are expected to close a deal on the bloc's proposed energy efficiency directive by the end of June amid worries over the consequences it could have over the price of electricity in Europe's factories.