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  • EU plans major offensive to diversify gas supplies

    Trade & Society 02-06-2015

    The European Commission is preparing a ‘diplomatic energy action plan’ to diversify the EU’s natural gas supply sources, with plans for tapping Algeria’s huge unexploited reserves, and a comprehensive LNG strategy due next year.

  • Leaders broadly endorse ‘Energy Union’ plans, leave details to later

    Energy 20-03-2015

    European leaders on Thursday (19 March) threw their weight behind proposals for a single market for power and gas, based on better connections between member states, but left prickly discussions to later.

  • EU moves to improve Energy Union interconnections

    Energy 05-03-2015

    The European Union yesterday (4 March) took a step to reduce its energy dependence, especially on Russia, seeking instead to improve connections between renewable energy giants Spain and Portugal, and the rest of Europe. 

  • Šef?ovi? sees three sources of gas for Central Europe

    Central Europe 10-02-2015

    Central and Southeastern European countries, largely dependent on Russian gas supplies, are starting work on a plan to build gas infrastructure, and should count on having at least three different sources of gas, the EU's energy chief said on Monday (9 February).

  • France, Spain agree to let more power flow between them

    Energy 02-12-2014

    France and Spain have agreed to boost the capacity of electric power lines across their border, which is well behind European targets for interconnection.

  • Ample gas in store for winter, says French grid operator

    Energy 13-11-2014

    French gas storage levels at three-year highs make shortages this winter unlikely, grid operator GRTGaz said in a report on Wednesday (12 November). However the operator urged companies to be ready to raise LNG imports should there be any disruption to Russian supplies.

  • Electricity linkage target dropped ahead of EU summit

    Energy 23-10-2014

    EXCLUSIVE: EU leaders will not agree on 2030 targets for exchanging energy through electricity interconnectors, because of a long-running row between Spain, Portugal and France, according to documents obtained by EURACTIV.

  • The formal cooling of EU-Swiss relations

    Languages & Culture 18-09-2014

    The EU has this summer refused Switzerland's request to renegotiate a bilateral treaty on free movement after Swiss voters chose to close the country's borders to Croatian workers. As a result, the Erasmus programme will be interrupted, penalising European students, and the proposed interconnection of the electricity market will not get off the ground.

  • Kallas: Budget cuts threaten EU fundamentals

    Transport 12-11-2012

    Siim Kallas, the Commission vice president responsible for transport, said budget cuts for 2014-2020 proposed for the 22-23 November summit risked ‘cancelling’ European policies designed to link Eastern and Western parts of the continent.