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EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

Oettinger defends European vision on energy

Germany's Günther Oettinger, who has been nominated for the European Commission's energy portfolio, sought to prove his European credentials at his confirmation hearing by outlining plans to enforce energy solidarity and spelling an end to bilateral energy deals with suppliers such as Russia.
Energy 11-12-2009

Buzek calls for EU ‘energy community’

European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek told EU leaders on Thursday (10 December) that a 'European Energy Community' could become the next big EU project, similar to the European Coal and Steel Community, which played a major role in the Union's history sixty years ago.
Energy 13-11-2009

Power firms unveil low-carbon electricity ‘choices’

Europe's electricity companies have published a new report setting out a number of scenarios for shifting Europe's electricity supply towards a carbon-neutral path by 2050.
Med & South 24-04-2009

‘Tough task ahead’ for EU-Russia talks

Energy, trade, investment and security will be at the heart of EU-Russia partnership negotiations, according to Russian academic Andrei V. Zagorski. The expert, from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview that he expected progress to be slow, but expressed optimism that the outcome would be successful.
EU Priorities 2020 25-03-2009

Serbia regrets EU’s lack of solidarity with Balkans

Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Ðeli? said yesterday (24 March) that the EU had gone "a bit too far" by giving five billion euro for the stimulus plan to its member states, and "not a single euro cent to any of the south-east European countries".
Energy 10-02-2009

Energy solidarity ‘still just words’, says IEA chief

Several EU governments did not show solidarity over the recent gas crisis, former executive director of the International Energy Agency Claude Mandil told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 21-01-2009

France, Belgium push for ‘Europe of electricity’

The French power transmission operator RTE and its Belgian counterpart Elia will inaugurate on 18 February a coordination centre in Brussels, in a bid to strengthen the security of electricity flows in Western Europe, EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 13-01-2009

Business, civil society urge EU to slash oil dependency

Europe must reduce its oil demand by over half within the next forty years to tackle climate change and address growing difficulties in securing access to fossil fuels, an EU consultative body argued last week (9 January).
Energy 05-01-2009

Russia-Ukraine gas dispute prompts EU meeting

Russia and Ukraine have sought support from Brussels in a bid to resolve a week-long dispute over gas supplies, which has seen six European countries start to experience gas shortages. EU national envoys will meet today in the Belgian capital under the auspices of the Czech EU Presidency to develop a common response.
Energy 18-12-2008

Interview: Europe needs ‘electricity highways’

A conference organised by UCTE, the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity, will try to fill a communication gap between policymakers and technicians, Dr. Klaus Kleinekorte, managing director of German energy giant RWE, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Competition 27-11-2008

Commission closes antitrust case against E.ON

The European Commission closed an antitrust case against E.ON AG Wednesday (26 November) by formally accepting the German energy giant's commitment to selling a fifth of its power generation capacity along with its extra-high voltage distribution network.
Energy 14-10-2008

NGOs hail EU ban on conventional light bulbs

A decision by EU energy ministers to phase out the sale of all incandescent and poorly-performing light bulbs by 2010 was welcomed by environmental organisation WWF as a long-awaited first step towards improving energy efficiency in Europe.
EU Priorities 2020 10-10-2008

Barroso urges summit not to lose sight of climate crisis

The main focus of the European Council next week will "rightly" be on the financial crisis, but "decisive progress" must also be made on the climate change and energy package and on the Lisbon Treaty, Commission President José Manuel Barroso stressed ahead of the summit.
Med & South 25-08-2008

Nabucco: ‘Pie in the sky’ after Georgia crisis?

The EU's flagship Nabucco pipeline project, which aims to bring gas to Europe from countries other than Russia, notably via Georgian territory, appears to be up in the air due to the crisis currently pitting Moscow against Tbilisi.
Agrifood 04-07-2008

Interview: ‘More liberal, open and flexible’ CAP required

A thorough reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is necessary to allow the EU to respond more effectively to rising food prices and internal pressures, according to Ivo Hlavac, the Czech state secretary in charge of agriculture, who spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.
Energy 06-06-2008

IEA calls for energy technology ‘revolution’

As current levels of carbon emissions approach "unsustainable levels", the International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report urging governments to implement a "global energy technology revolution" to reverse existing trends.
Energy 06-06-2008

Interview: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 03-06-2008

Deal on EU climate package by year’s end?

The incoming French EU Presidency is confident that it will be able to shepherd a deal on the EU's climate and energy package through to adoption before the end of the year. But the 'weight' of the legislative agenda is unprecedented, and member states' views diverge on a number of key points.
Development Policy 04-03-2008

Interview: EU climate change objectives ‘insufficient’

Aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 will not be enough to allow the EU to assume a leadership role during upcoming global climate negotiations, argues Yannick Jadot of Greenpeace in an interview with EURACTIV France.
Development Policy 09-01-2008

Slovenia outlines ‘demanding’ EU presidency programme

Ensuring the smooth ratification of the EU's new Reform Treaty, pushing ahead with ambitious energy and climate goals and stabilising the Western Balkan region, notably through the prospect of EU accession, will be among the top priorities for Slovenia as it takes over the reins of the 27-country bloc for the coming six months.

UK university consortium gets €1.4 billion for energy research

A group of three UK universities will set up a £1billion (€1.4 billion) Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) - a national institute to develop cleaner energies.
Energy 30-07-2007

EU steps up pressure on France to liberalise energy market

The Commission announced the opening of antitrust procedures on 26 July against the leading French energy company, EDF, and the Belgian branch of Suez, Electrabel - saying that it suspected both energy providers of foreclosure of the Belgian and French electricity markets. 

Sócrates vows to step up EU-Africa relations

Commission President José Manuel Barroso and EU President José Sócrates spoke out in favour of a joint EU-Africa strategy with a special focus on development, migration, as well as energy and climate change.
Climate change 28-06-2007

Groups unite to halt EU biofuels rush

More than 30 groups from around the world have come together to demand a moratorium on the EU's move towards sourcing biofuels from large-scale monocultures.