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  • ‘Poweo’ CEO: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

    Interview | Energy 06-06-2008

    Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, argues Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, a firm competing on the French energy market, in an interview with EURACTIV France.

  • Interview: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

    News | Energy 06-06-2008

    Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, told EURACTIV France in an interview.

  • Deal on EU climate package by year’s end?

    News | EU Priorities 2020 03-06-2008

    The incoming French EU Presidency is confident that it will be able to shepherd a deal on the EU's climate and energy package through to adoption before the end of the year. But the 'weight' of the legislative agenda is unprecedented, and member states' views diverge on a number of key points.

  • Russia’s economic rebirth

    Opinion | Med & South 20-05-2008

    Russian economic recovery is all the more remarkable given the doom and gloom surrounding the 1990s, but this resurgence needs to be upheld by further reforms, argues Lúcio Vinhas de Souza in a CEPS paperback published in May.

  • Energy: The end of the world as we know it

    Opinion | Energy 18-04-2008

    The rising cost, increased demand and limited supply of oil as well as the slow development of alternatives are all leading to a new world order that will be based on supply and demand economics - with power resting with oil and gas-abundant states, argues Professor Michael T. Clare of Hampshire College in a 17 April commentary for Middle East Online.

  • Minister: Norway’s EU membership ‘not on political agenda’

    Interview | EU Priorities 2020 14-03-2008

    Norway is unlikely to join the EU in the near future, but will seek increased cooperation on energy and climate goals and closer alignment of its currency with the euro in the years to come, Norwegian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Elisabeth Walaas told EURACTIV.cz in an interview.

  • Interview: EU climate change objectives ‘insufficient’

    News | Development Policy 04-03-2008

    Aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 will not be enough to allow the EU to assume a leadership role during upcoming global climate negotiations, argues Yannick Jadot of Greenpeace in an interview with EURACTIV France.

  • The Caspian oil export puzzle

    Opinion | Energy 20-02-2008

    The Caspian region is on the verge of becoming a "significant" source of oil supply to rival Iran and further developments in the area are "eagerly awaited" by Western and Asian consumers, argues Julia Nanay of PFC Energy in an analysis for Total Energies magazine.

  • The case for investing in energy productivity

    Opinion | Energy 14-02-2008

    Containing energy demand is as important as developing new sources of supply, despite fears that this will require "large costs and economic sacrifices", according to a new study from management consultants McKinsey. Indeed, additional annual investments of $170 billion between now and 2020, shared between the industrial, commercial, residential and transport sectors, would be enough to "capture the energy productivity opportunity", the study argues.

  • Professor: ‘Obvious’ energy synergy between EU and Mediterranean region

    Interview | Med & South 18-01-2008

    The potential for further energy cooperation between the countries of North Africa and the EU is 'obvious' as the bloc seeks to diversify its sources of supply, but future energy relations between the two regions should be at company rather than state level, said Professor Jean-Marie Chevalier of Paris-Dauphine University in an interview with EURACTIV France.

  • Slovenia outlines ‘demanding’ EU presidency programme

    News | Development Policy 09-01-2008

    Ensuring the smooth ratification of the EU's new Reform Treaty, pushing ahead with ambitious energy and climate goals and stabilising the Western Balkan region, notably through the prospect of EU accession, will be among the top priorities for Slovenia as it takes over the reins of the 27-country bloc for the coming six months.

  • Turkey’s role in European energy security

    Opinion | Energy 07-01-2008

    Turkey and the EU should develop a strategic energy cooperation plan, not just for pipelines but also for renewables, energy efficiency and market liberalisation, according to Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform.

  • Europe’s external energy policy: The Russian dimension

    Opinion | Med & South 26-10-2007

    Meeting the external challenge posed by Russia requires a major re-orientation of EU energy policy and a robust approach to security of supply, writes Dieter Helm in a 3 September paper.

  • Shell: CCS to help world face energy ‘hard truths’

    Interview | Energy 24-10-2007

    In an interview with EURACTIV, Shell Vice-President for CO2 Bill Spence says carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology will be fundamental in making fossil fuels environmentally acceptable as global demand for oil, coal and gas is set to continue surging in the coming decades.

  • French energy regulator: ‘Commission cannot be judge and party’

    Interview | Energy 09-10-2007

    Commenting on the European Commission's third energy package, Philippe de Ladoucette, president of the 'Commission de régulation de l'énergie', the French energy regulator, says that he is in favour of an EU agency for cooperation between European energy regulators. He spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.

  • UK university consortium gets €1.4 billion for energy research

    News | Science & Policymaking 24-09-2007

    A group of three UK universities will set up a £1billion (€1.4 billion) Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) - a national institute to develop cleaner energies.

  • Natural gas: ‘The slow, sure rise of a winner’

    Opinion | Energy 19-09-2007

    Despite the obvious advantages of natural gas, it has had to overcome many obstacles before playing its major role on the international energy scene, writes Alain Beltran in an article for Energies magazine, a publication by French oil company Total.

  • Energy poverty and political vision in the developing world

    Opinion | Development Policy 11-09-2007

    Political leadership is vital in addressing energy poverty issues in Africa and other developing regions, writes Alejandro Litovsky for Open Democracy – calling on leaders to adopt a "stronger and more coherent vision".

  • ‘Russia cannot do without European energy market’

    Interview | Energy 04-09-2007

    Following the failure of the May EU Summit in Samara, the Kremlin's withdrawal from the CFE Treaty suggests a further deterioration in dialogue between the EU and Russia. In an interview with EURACTIV France, Thomas Gomart, Russian programme director for the Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), reconsiders the possibility of a new energy relationship.

  • Gas: an energy with a bright future

    Opinion | Energy 03-09-2007

    While oil resources are declining and countries are seeking to diversify their energy supply, there are large reserves of natural gas and an increasing number of uses to which it can be put. The future for gas therefore looks bright, argues Yves Mathieu in an article for 'Energies' magazine, a publication of the major French oil company Total.

  • EU steps up pressure on France to liberalise energy market

    News | Energy 30-07-2007

    The Commission announced the opening of antitrust procedures on 26 July against the leading French energy company, EDF, and the Belgian branch of Suez, Electrabel - saying that it suspected both energy providers of foreclosure of the Belgian and French electricity markets. 

  • Good governance of the petroleum sector

    Opinion | Energy 24-07-2007

    The difficulties faced by developing countries in managing oil revenues efficiently and fairly, the requirements of economic liberalisation and pressure from evolving international standards have placed the governance of the petroleum sector in sharp focus, states this Chatham House report, published in April 2007.

  • Energy efficiency action plan

    Policy Brief | Energy 20-07-2007

    Europe has embarked on an ambitious plan to cut its energy consumption by 20% by 2020 in a bid to reduce its dependency on imported oil and gas and slash its energy bill by an estimated 100 billion euro every year. If it delivers, the plan would also prevent 780 million tonnes of CO2 from being emitted in the atmosphere, or twice the amount the EU agreed to under the Kyoto Protocol.

  • Fuel security: an infrastructure issue

    Opinion | Development Policy 20-07-2007

    Climate security and fuel security both depend on upgrading infrastructure, and especially end-use infrastructure, says Walt Patterson in a Chatham House paper released in June 2007. Investment in climate and fuel security should be encouraged - by investing in technologies that use fuels and electricity, rather than in the energy supply chain, he argues.