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Making societies resilient through healthy and sustainable buildings

The current geopolitical situation’s impact on energy markets puts the heat on to reduce Europe’s energy needs. Let’s make sure we continue to build back better and decarbonise our buildings while also improving Europeans’ living conditions.
Energy 10-03-2022

France leads calls to reform ‘absurd’ EU energy market

Reforming an "absurd" European electricity market still dependent on the price of fossil fuels is one of France's medium-term projects to achieve energy independence, as explained by French economy minister Bruno Le Maire.

France and Germany to work on ‘common industrial projects’

France and Germany will work on "common industrial projects" such as electrical networks, batteries and hydrogen, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said after receiving his German counterpart Robert Habeck in Paris on Monday (7 February).
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Energy 12-04-2021

European technology unlocking deep geothermal energy for all

Large-scale geothermal energy has long been constrained to volcanic areas where heat can easily be captured and turned into electricity. Recent breakthroughs in drilling techniques can transform the European energy market and end its dependence on fossil fuels. According to...
Energy 13-06-2019

Suspected attack on tankers shows volatility of oil markets

The price of crude oil, which has been languishing at five-month lows, jumped suddenly on Thursday (13 June) following unconfirmed reports of an attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.
Energy 14-05-2018

Gas market liberalisation: An unsung EU success story?

The liberalisation of European gas markets is widely recognised as a major success by industry analysts. But EU politicians are reluctant to celebrate it because liberalisation on its own has failed to deliver on another key objective – supply diversification. Ironically, Europe is now more dependent on Russian gas than ever.
Electricity 17-05-2017

Electricity markets reimagined: Flexible by design

In just over a decade, we will be able to build a new electricity system around renewable energy that is cleaner, produces almost no carbon emissions, costs less than a system built around natural gas, and is just as reliable, writes David Nelson.
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What impact has Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ had on infrastructure and the labour market?
Energy 31-08-2016

What impact has Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ had on infrastructure and the labour market?

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The sharp increase in the use of renewables like solar and wind has provided more flexibility to the German electricity market.
Energy 28-04-2016

Cañete: EU needs €200 billion more in energy investment

European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete today (28 April) said  that the Juncker Plan had mitigated a slump in energy and environment funding. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Energy 20-04-2016

Why the EU’s electricity market design proposal actually matters

The European Commission’s vision of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where consumers take ownership of the energy transition, is to be applauded but needs to be followed up with genuine policy change, writes Jonathan Gaventa.
Energy 08-02-2016

Norwegian energy minister: We will drill until gas reserves run out

Norway will be on its last third of natural gas reserves by 2035, much of it in the Arctic, and almost all of it destined for the EU market, the country’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy told EURACTIV in an interview. Tord Lien said production would stop once the reserves were gone.
Energy 31-07-2015

New Greek energy minister seeks alternatives to cut high power costs

Panos Skourletis, the new Greek energy minister, is tasked with a heavy reform agenda that could help revive the cash-strapped Greek economy and make the country return to growth. But the stakes are high.
Brexit 04-03-2015

Commission faces EU court over aid to Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear plant

A German energy cooperative will take legal action against the European Commission for approving state aid for a £16 billion (€22 billion) nuclear power plant in Britain, it said on Wednesday (4 March), arguing it threatens to distort competition.
Sara Bell, CEO of Tempus Energy
Brexit 08-12-2014

UK energy regulation fails consumers

An engrained, institutional bias in favour of building new energy production assets to boost supply means that cost-effective ‘no build’ technologies for managing - and reducing - demand on the consumer side have been ignored, writes Sara Bell.
Outgoing Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger doled out harsh criticism of Germany's energy policy. [EP]
Energy 02-10-2014

Oettinger warns Germany against solo efforts on energy

Before switching portfolios, Günther Oettinger took one last opportunity to single out Germany's energy policy, warning against "ill-advised" national solutions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Andrzej Ancygier
Energy 02-09-2014

A black day for the EU’s climate policy

Donald Tusk’s nomination as the next president of the European Council is a major game changer for the EU's energy and climate policy. And it is not a good one, writes Andrzej Ancygier.
Trade & Society 22-05-2013

Germany’s unfair practice in the field of energy intensive industries

When Heads of State meet today (22 May) and discuss energy policy they will remain silent on one of the key problems in the EU internal electricity market, writes Claude Turmes.