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Energy 25-04-2018

BP confesses ‘mistake’ in forecasting renewable energy growth

The pace at which India – and China in particular – have developed solar power came as a surprise to BP analysts, the company’s chief economist told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 15-06-2017

Decoupling energy from GDP growth ‘might be impossible’, Statoil says

The Norwegian oil and gas giant presented its latest Energy Perspectives report in Brussels today (15 June), stressing the need to dramatically reduce global energy consumption as EU member states continued to squabble about the bloc’s energy savings objectives for 2030.
Energy 12-11-2009

IEA urges low-carbon energy investments

The world will need to spend an additional $10.5 trillion in the next two decades on energy efficiency and low-carbon energy to avoid runaway climate change, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Energy 27-05-2009

Oil prices take centre stage at G8 meeting

G8 energy ministers meeting in Rome on 24-25 May called for continued investment in oil and discussed energy policies that will help weather the financial storm.
Energy 19-06-2008

Resource crises: Should we strike a deal with the dealers?

The current high prices for oil and foodstuffs are indicators of an imminent crisis in the world economic order, which fails to internalise ecological limits and resource scarcity, says Luxembourg Green MEP Claude Turmes.
Energy 06-06-2008

IEA calls for energy technology ‘revolution’

As current levels of carbon emissions approach "unsustainable levels", the International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report urging governments to implement a "global energy technology revolution" to reverse existing trends.
Energy 14-02-2008

The case for investing in energy productivity

Containing energy demand is as important as developing new sources of supply, despite fears that this will require "large costs and economic sacrifices", according to a new study from management consultants McKinsey. Indeed, additional annual investments of $170 billion between now and 2020, shared between the industrial, commercial, residential and transport sectors, would be enough to "capture the energy productivity opportunity", the study argues.
Energy 31-01-2008

Interview: A ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ is nigh

Climate change and the depletion of oil reserves are taking place faster than expected and the policies being put in place are insufficient to keep up, leading economist Jeremy Rifkin told EURACTIV France in an interview, pleading for the EU to lead the way towards a "Third Industrial Revolution".
Trade & Society 31-01-2008

Jeremy Rifkin: ‘Europe can lead the third industrial revolution’

Climate change and the depletion of oil reserves are taking place faster than expected and the policies we are putting in place will be insufficient to keep up, leading economist Jeremy Rifkin told EURACTIV.fr in an interview, where he pleads for the EU to lead the way towards a “Third Industrial Revolution”. 
Energy 07-01-2008

Rising energy prices fuel inflation fears

With the price of crude oil hitting $100 per barrel, European citizens must prepare for large increases in gas and electricity bills in the coming weeks, with major companies in the UK and France already announcing plans to raise prices by as much as 27%.
Energy 07-11-2007

IEA warns of ‘runaway’ energy thirst as oil prices soar

China and India's emergence in world energy markets and their massive projected energy needs are the focal points of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) 2007 World Energy Outlook, which calls for a 'radical shift' in investment towards cleaner, more efficient energy technologies. 
Med & South 26-10-2007

Europe’s external energy policy: The Russian dimension

Meeting the external challenge posed by Russia requires a major re-orientation of EU energy policy and a robust approach to security of supply, writes Dieter Helm in a 3 September paper.
Development Policy 11-09-2007

Energy poverty and political vision in the developing world

Political leadership is vital in addressing energy poverty issues in Africa and other developing regions, writes Alejandro Litovsky for Open Democracy – calling on leaders to adopt a "stronger and more coherent vision".
Energy 20-07-2007

Boosting energy efficiency can cut industrial emissions of carbon dioxide

Boosting the energy efficiency of industry can achieve meaningful cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, writes Claude Mandil – Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) – in a July 18 article for the Environmental Research Web.
Energy 07-06-2007

Energy security in Europe

Calls for a European energy policy that simultaneously guarantees security of supply, environmental performance and competitive prices present an "unsolvable equation" and risk leading to ineffective responses, warns Jan Horst Keppler, in an April 2007 paper for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
Energy 30-05-2007

Peak Oil

Is it possible that the world has reached the point of maximum oil production? - Some geological experts believe so and if their 'peak oil' theory is correct, this would have enormous consequences for energy security and for the world's economy. Nevertheless, the issue receives little attention in the EU's energy security policy.
Energy 29-01-2007

Report paints rosy picture for renewables

Renewable energy can deliver half of the world's primary energy needs by 2050, according to a report produced by the European Renewable Energy Council and Greenpeace.
Energy 10-01-2007

Study shows urgency of low-carbon revolution

A new World Energy Technology Outlook study published by the Commission on 8 January 2007 demonstrates the need for radical change in Europe's energy mix to face the double challenges of energy security and climate change.

US power player backs EU-style carbon trading

In an interview with EURACTIV, John Krenicki, president and CEO of GE Energy, says that his company is already investing in clean technologies: "We're investing in it, assuming that it will happen."

Wind and solar: ready to meet global energy needs?

Electricity produced from wind and solar energy could meet a substantially larger chunk of global demand by 2020-2025 if the right policies are put in place, trade associations claim.