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Energy 13-05-2019

The evolving role of gas storage in Europe

Departing from its usual supply security role, gas storage is vying for a central position in Europe’s vision of a hybrid energy system combining renewable electricity and low-carbon gases like hydrogen. But getting there won’t be a smooth run and regulators are watching closely.
Electricity 03-07-2018

Grid neutrality is a prerequisite for energy storage to flourish

Without energy storage, the EU target for renewable energy cannot be reached. And that can only succeed if the incentives for investment are set correctly and if “ownership unbundling” rules in the EU energy market are strictly enforced, writes  Dr. Hans Wolf von Koeller.
Energy 05-01-2016

E.ON completes split of fossil fuel and renewable operations

German energy giant E.ON has officially separated its fossil fuel assets into a new company, dubbed Uniper.
Central Europe 22-08-2012

Hungary defies EU over energy distribution rules

Hungary expects “a big debate” with the European Union over its plans to transform energy distribution in the household sector into a "non-profit activity", the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today (22 August). In Brussels, the European Commission declined to comment, saying it learnt of the plans from the press.
Energy 01-03-2011

Brussels weighs legal action on internal energy market

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger yesterday (28 February) gave governments more breathing space to pass energy liberalisation directives into national law as a 3 March deadline approaches. A month ago, not a single country had yet done so.
Energy 26-06-2009

EU tackles 25 states over energy liberalisation

The European Commission accused 25 of the bloc's 27 countries yesterday (25 June) of breaching rules to boost competition in energy markets, taking the first step towards possible court action.
Energy 23-04-2009

EU nears energy liberalisation finishing line

The European Parliament yesterday (22 April) endorsed an agreement struck by the EU institutions to curtail the power of energy giants and move closer to a truly internal gas and electricity market. However, critics said the measures did not go far enough in breaking up energy monopolies.
Energy 12-02-2009

MEPs threaten to walk out of EU energy market talks

MEPs are considering walking out of negotiations on opening the EU's gas and electricity markets as talks between the European Parliament, the EU executive and the Czech EU Presidency appear to be deadlocked.
Competition 27-11-2008

Commission closes antitrust case against E.ON

The European Commission closed an antitrust case against E.ON AG Wednesday (26 November) by formally accepting the German energy giant's commitment to selling a fifth of its power generation capacity along with its extra-high voltage distribution network.
Energy 24-10-2008

EU consumers lament blocked energy markets

A new survey has found that energy consumers are "still in the dark and cold" despite the European Commission's energy market liberalisation agenda, which was supposed to drive down costs and provide more choice for citizens. 
Energy 13-10-2008

Energy ministers clinch deal on liberalisation

European energy ministers managed to overcome a month-long deadlock over the opening of EU gas and electricity markets on Friday (10 October).
Energy 05-09-2008

IEA urges EU to fully liberalise energy markets

The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its first review of EU energy policy, endorsing controversial Commission plans to break up European energy giants and calling for greater cross-border trade in renewable energy among other recommendations.
Energy 28-07-2008

Vattenfall power grid sale buoys EU

A decision by Vattenfall, Germany’s fourth electricity supplier, to sell off its high-voltage grid was welcomed in Brussels where the European Commission has been leading calls for companies to surrender their transmission assets as a way to bring more competition to the market.
Energy 24-07-2008

Discussing the impact assessment of the ‘third energy liberalisation package’

Questions are being raised about the quality and effectiveness of evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of the Commission's impact assessment on the third energy liberalisation package, says Jacopo Torriti in a May 2008 report for the European University Institute.
Energy 19-06-2008

Parliament insists on splitting energy giants

MEPs have rejected a deal between the Commission and member states whereby large electricity producers could retain ownership over power distribution assets under strict conditions. Parliament is pushing for full ownership separation as the 'only option' for EU electricity market liberalisation. 
Energy 09-06-2008

Paris and Berlin win EU energy liberalisation deal

EU energy ministers bowed to pressure from France and Germany at a meeting on Friday, agreeing on a "general approach" to opening gas and electricity markets that prevents integrated firms such as EDF and E.ON from selling off their transmission grids.
Energy 06-06-2008

‘Poweo’ CEO: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, argues Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, a firm competing on the French energy market, in an interview with EURACTIV France.
Energy 06-06-2008

Interview: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Energy 06-06-2008

EU enters crunch talks on energy liberalisation

Energy ministers from the 27 member states are meeting today (6 June) in an attempt to reach a compromise over plans to force more competition onto EU energy markets - otherwise they risk delaying any decision until 2010.
Energy 02-06-2008

Brussels encouraged by RWE grid sale

German utility firm RWE AG has announced it will sell off its gas grid within two years to avoid further anti-trust actions by Brussels over suspected abuse of market dominance. The move comes one week before a key ministerial meeting on energy liberalisation. 
Energy 23-05-2008

Gaz de France targeted in EU antitrust probe

EU regulators launched a formal investigation against GDF on Thursday (22 May) just as Brussels and Paris are engaged in intense negotiations over the liberalisation of energy markets.
Energy 20-05-2008

Spotlight turns to gas in EU energy battle

The battle over energy liberalisation shifted to the gas sector yesterday (19 May) when Parliament's industry committee threw its weight behind France and Germany in their bid to prevent the forced break-up of large integrated gas groups.
Energy 19-05-2008

Liberalisation of the EU gas sector

As the EU embarks on a third wave of energy liberalisation, some voices are warning that the gas sector must be treated with extra caution as the current proposals are causing tensions with Europe's largest supplier, Russia.
Energy 16-05-2008

Compromise in sight on energy liberalisation

A compromise deal on how to force more competition onto EU gas and electricity markets is taking shape in Brussels after the European Commission presented a modified text aimed at soothing French and German opposition to "ownership unbundling".