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Workers in Map Ta Phut, a petrochemical industrial hub in Thailand [©Solvay photolibrary]

Chemical industry guarded about its European future

The European chemical sector has issued a “very serious” warning about its slumping competitiveness, but refuses to be alarmist just yet, saying shareholders should not worry, that big industrial groups are now global, and less exposed to Europe.
Energy 13-11-2008

Commission makes energy ‘top priority’ of EU budget reform

Energy policy should rank among the "top priorities of the EU budget," claimed Budget and Financial Programming Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite at a conference yesterday (12 November 2008) on reform of the EU budget.
Energy 10-10-2008

MEPs push for efficiency in long-term EU energy strategy

Energy efficiency can increase the EU's energy independence and should take centre stage in the Commission's upcoming second strategic energy review, argue a group of MEPs in a letter to future EU presidencies. 
Energy 10-09-2008

EU could halt energy demand growth, says study

Sweeping improvements in the energy productivity of Europe's economies could prevent the runaway energy demand and consumption currently threatening to undermine the EU's economic growth, says a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).
Energy 09-09-2008

EU, Africa unveil ‘ambitious’ energy partnership

The partnership will involve investments worth over €600 million to support electrification in Africa as well as renewable energy projects that would help diversify Europe's energy supplies. A further agreement could be reached on Wednesday on a Transaharan Gas Pipeline, nicknamed the 'African Nabucco'.
Energy 05-09-2008

IEA urges EU to fully liberalise energy markets

The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its first review of EU energy policy, endorsing controversial Commission plans to break up European energy giants and calling for greater cross-border trade in renewable energy among other recommendations.
Energy 25-07-2008

EU eyes ‘supergrid’ to harness Saharan sun

Massive solar power installations in the Sahara desert could feed the EU's growing energy demand via a new supergrid. The idea is backed by France and the UK, which is simultaneously trying to limit priority access for renewables to domestic grids.
Competition 24-07-2008

Brussels unperturbed by new national energy giant

The merger of French energy companies Gaz de France and Suez has created a new national 'champion', triggering accusations of protectionism from some of the country's neighbours. But the Commission expects the new giant to respect its obligations under EU competition law.
Energy 11-07-2008

MEPs want two billion per year for clean tech

The European Parliament is urging the Commission to make available considerable funds to drive the use of less polluting energy technologies as part of the EU's efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy 29-05-2008

MEPs: Strong EU regulator key to energy market puzzle

The Commission should envisage greater powers for a new regulatory agency in its proposals on EU energy market liberalisation, according to MEPs in Parliament's Industry (ITRE) Committee. 
Med & South 06-02-2008

Conference hears EU energy supply anxieties

Russia and Gazprom were on everyone's lips at the annual conference of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) in Brussels last week, which focused on the EU's external energy policy.
Development Policy 21-01-2008

Commission scrambling to finalise battered climate plans

The Commission's services are engaged in intense negotiations to finalise controversial energy and climate proposals, which are under heavy attack from industry groups and some member states, who warn the plans could destroy Europe's competitiveness. Green groups have come to the defence of the proposals.

EU seeks ‘world leadership’ in energy technologies

On 22 November, the Commission will publish a Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) to help the EU reach targets for renewable energies uptake and CO2 emissions reductions. Brussels hopes the plan will boost a 'clean' technology sector plagued by high costs, market barriers and under-investment.
Competition 05-11-2007

‘Impressive’ energy cartel uncovered in Germany

The German cartel office has compiled considerable evidence of price fixing and anti-competitive behaviour by Germany's four main electricity and gas suppliers, according to information obtained by the Spiegel.
Energy 03-09-2007

Commission set for climb-down on ‘ownership unbundling’

A proposal to further liberalise the EU's energy market, due on 19 September, is to present member states with alternative options to full 'ownership unbundling' in an effort to ward off a veto threat from nine countries led by Germany and France, EU officials have told EURACTIV.

Interview: Renewables becoming EU’s ‘most dynamic’ industries

The naysayers have it wrong: Europe can easily achieve a 20% share for renewables in its energy mix, nuclear can be phased out and second-generation biofuels technologies will arrive in time to meet bioenergy targets sustainably, according to Oliver Schäfer, of the European Renewable Energy Council.  
Energy 03-08-2007

EU braces for next round of ‘difficult’ energy talks

The second half of 2007 promises renewed tensions as legislators prepare to hammer out the EU's future energy policy. Controversial Commission proposals on energy market liberalisation are due in September, with renewables and CO2 burden-sharing proposals scheduled for the end of the year.
Energy 06-07-2007

EU tries to assuage consumer fears about energy prices

A Commission initiative to launch an Energy Consumers' Charter has run into criticism from consumer groups who argue that its non-binding character will not be enough to stop borderline commercial practices.
Energy 27-06-2007

Experts disagree on EU energy market liberalisation

On 26 June, panellists from a range of sectors debated the role of regulation, fiscal incentives, consumers and other issues related to the transformation of the EU's energy market in light of climate-change and energy-security concerns.
Future EU 04-04-2007

Interview: Poland seeking EU Treaty changes

The double majority voting system in the Council of Ministers and the division of competences between the EU and its member states are two major issues of concern for Poland ahead of a June summit on institutional reform, EU Ambassador Jan Tombi?ski has told EURACTIV in an interview.
Competition 03-04-2007

E.ON drops Endesa bid amid protectionism concerns

The German energy giant dropped its €42.4 billion offer for Endesa, ending an 18-month battle that saw E.ON’s bid for the Spanish utility thwarted by repeated government intervention.
Energy 30-03-2007

Industry unable to meet UK demand for renewable power

A growing gap is emerging between supply and demand for electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the UK with production expected to fall short in 2007, according to a survey by Datamonitor.
Energy 21-03-2007

EU trying to solve renewable-energy ‘headache’

Officials said that the Commission was still unsure about how it will share the burden among member states, after EU leaders agreed earlier in March to have 20% of their overall energy needs covered by renewables by 2020.
Energy 19-03-2007

Brussels stands by plans to split up energy groups

The Commission is preparing legislation on 'ownership unbundling' to separate energy generation and supply activities from network operation despite opposition from France and Germany, EU officials indicated.