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Making EU ETS (and Europe) more resilient

The EU is currently at the midst of a debate on its energy policy and translating the Fit for 55 packages into concrete legislation. The European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) is the cornerstone of European climate efforts and...
Energy 10-07-2020

Renewable hydrogen: a strategic opportunity for global green recovery

This week, the European Commission presented its hydrogen strategy. It sets out how to make clean hydrogen a viable solution for a climate-neutral economy and build a dynamic hydrogen value chain in Europe in the next five years, writes Kadri Simson.
Energy 07-04-2008

Why energy must be at the core of EU security thinking

"Europe must respond to the growing assertiveness of energy-producing countries with a much more coherent strategy of its own," writes Jozias Van Aartsen, a former Dutch foreign minister, in a March article for Europe's World.
Energy 07-01-2008

Turkey’s role in European energy security

Turkey and the EU should develop a strategic energy cooperation plan, not just for pipelines but also for renewables, energy efficiency and market liberalisation, according to Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform.
Energy 30-11-2007

Towards a ‘European energy community’

EU plans to build an 'energy community' to deal with the challenge of climate change, security of supply and competitiveness are "as full of risks as […] hopes" given the "violent conflicts of interest and prejudices" involved, according to Philippe Herzog, president of French think tank Confrontations Europe.
Med & South 26-10-2007

Europe’s external energy policy: The Russian dimension

Meeting the external challenge posed by Russia requires a major re-orientation of EU energy policy and a robust approach to security of supply, writes Dieter Helm in a 3 September paper.
Energy 24-09-2007

Collective power: towards an EU-wide support scheme for renewable energy

EU support for renewable energy currently "suffers from fragmented, uncoordinated national policies", writes Sheldon Welton for the think tank Notre Europe.
Energy 07-06-2007

Energy security in Europe

Calls for a European energy policy that simultaneously guarantees security of supply, environmental performance and competitive prices present an "unsolvable equation" and risk leading to ineffective responses, warns Jan Horst Keppler, in an April 2007 paper for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

Energy policy during the German EU Presidency

In this article for think-tank Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), German Economics and TechnologyMinister Michael Glos highlights the key elements of the German EU Presidency's energy policy.
Energy 16-02-2007

Opportunities for Transatlantic Cooperation in the Caspian Region

Richard L. Morningstar, a lecturer at Stanford Law School, analyses the potential of the Caspian Region to lessen Europe's over-dependence on Russian gas, particularly considering the potential of gas-rich nations such as Kazakhstan.

The European Union’s quest for a common energy foreign policy

The latest issue of the German journal Foreign Policy in Dialogue focuses on Europe's efforts to form a common energy foreign policy from the perspectives of Germany, Poland, France and Lithuania.
Energy 07-07-2006

Analysis: A European High Energy Authority?

In a policy paper of the Schuman Foundation, Joachim Bitterlich (Former adviser of German Chancellor Kohl) gives an overview of current European and international energy concerns, and supports the case for a common EU energy policy.