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  • EU energy summit: a new start for Europe?

    Energy 13-03-2007

    The endorsement of an ambitious energy and climate-change policy by EU heads of states at their summit last week was greeted with a mix of cheerful enthusiasm and apprehension. EURACTIV presents a summary of the main reactions.

  • EU makes bold climate and renewables commitment

    Energy 09-03-2007

    European leaders have agreed to a legally binding objective to meet 20% of their energy needs with renewables such as wind power in a fresh drive to put the EU on track to a low-carbon economy by 2020.

  • EU divided over nuclear and renewables

    Energy 08-03-2007

    As EU leaders prepare to make unprecedented commitments to cut greenhouse-gas emissions at a summit this week, divisions have emerged over whether to recognise nuclear as a low-carbon source, alongside wind power and other 'green' energies.

  • Lobbyists scramble for attention on eve of summit

    Public Affairs 07-03-2007

    With energy and climate change stealing the headlines at this year's Spring European Council, environmental NGOs and industry groups ranging from large power utilities to the international margarine association are all trying to grab media attention.

  • Brussels urges ‘sea-change’ in EU energy research

    Energy 07-03-2007

    The European Commission will ask EU leaders to support a Strategic Energy Technology Plan to put Europe on course for a low-carbon future at the Spring Summit this week. However, national considerations once again risk dampening EU ambitions.

  • France resists last-minute push for EU renewables target

    Energy 02-03-2007

    The UK has joined Germany, the European Commission and other member states to push for an EU target on renewable energies to be made mandatory, raising the stakes of the Spring Summit that will take place in Brussels on 8-9 March 2007.

  • Panel urges EU to scrap funds for ‘dirty energy’

    Trade & Society 28-02-2007

    A high-level group advising the Commission on energy issues has recommended phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies, as EU leaders prepare to endorse proposals for a common energy policy at a summit in Brussels on 8-9 March.

  • Ministers to decide EU climate targets for 2020

    Sustainable Development 20-02-2007

    Commission proposals to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% by 2020 should receive backing by the Environment Council on 20 February, despite opposition from Hungary and Poland.

  • EU ministers go for flexibility on renewables

    Energy 16-02-2007

    Energy ministers agreed to raise biofuels use to a minimum of 10% by 2020 but rejected an EU-wide binding target for renewables, leaving it to member states to decide on specific objectives at national level.

  • EU energy research lacks focus, study finds

    Energy 01-02-2007

    A closer link needs to be created between research, climate change and economic objectives, says the Commission ahead of an EU summit that will decide whether to double community funding for research in non-nuclear energies.

  • Putin renews energy pledges to Europe as ‘meat row’ cools

    Med & South 22-01-2007

    The Russian president has said that Moscow wishes to play by market rules on energy supply and transit as he sought to calm European fears voiced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

  • Interview: Higher energy prices ‘inevitable’, says Piebalgs

    Energy 17-01-2007

    Speaking exclusively to EURACTIV, Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs says that new energy and climate-change proposals should lead to higher prices for consumers. But paying 5% more now will avoid much steeper price hikes in the future, he argues.

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