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Can Europe get over its renewable energy midlife crisis?

Barak Obama did not come back from his Indian state visit with an ambitious climate policy deal similar to the one he brought back from China in November last year. Many might be disappointed, writes Julian Popov.
Energy 26-08-2014

Energy Community reform: What will the EU push for?

Ahead of the ministerial meeting in the Western Balkans on the EU energy reform, Dragana Mileusnic calls for the adoption and the implementation of the new energy rules as soon as possible. A clear and speedy EU message will benefit not only the people but it will also ensure security of energy supply in the whole region.

Energy not climate policy is what matters in preserving the environment

Policymakers should stop talking about “climate policy”. It is energy policy that matters to preserve the global climate, argues Eberhard Rhein.
Med & South 25-06-2009

Solar energy from the Sahara: When will it be feasible?

"The EU and its North African partner countries should […] establish the regulatory basis necessary for the development of solar energy in view of offering a reliable and long-term framework for potential investors from both sides of the Mediterranean," writes Eberhard Rhein, a lecturer at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies in Malta, in a June post on Blogactiv.

Reflecting on EU bioenergy policy

Appropriate implementation of the relevant EU directives will increase bioenergy use, but significant technology development is still required if a new generation of biofuels and feedstocks is to be developed to meet European targets for 2020, argues Kai Sipilä (et al.) of the Bioenergy Network of Excellence (Bioenergy NoE).

EU energy and climate policy: two years on

"There is still some way to go" to translate the progress made by EU energy policy in recent years into "efficient policy responses," writes Jørgen Henningsen, senior advisor on energy and environmental issues at the European Policy Centre (EPC).
Energy 24-07-2008

Discussing the impact assessment of the ‘third energy liberalisation package’

Questions are being raised about the quality and effectiveness of evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of the Commission's impact assessment on the third energy liberalisation package, says Jacopo Torriti in a May 2008 report for the European University Institute.
Energy 14-02-2008

The case for investing in energy productivity

Containing energy demand is as important as developing new sources of supply, despite fears that this will require "large costs and economic sacrifices", according to a new study from management consultants McKinsey. Indeed, additional annual investments of $170 billion between now and 2020, shared between the industrial, commercial, residential and transport sectors, would be enough to "capture the energy productivity opportunity", the study argues.
Energy 24-09-2007

Collective power: towards an EU-wide support scheme for renewable energy

EU support for renewable energy currently "suffers from fragmented, uncoordinated national policies", writes Sheldon Welton for the think tank Notre Europe.
Energy 29-08-2007

Biofuels: Farm Aid, Not Foe

In its new publication ‘Biofuels for Transport’, the Worldwatch Institute examines how biofuels can reach their potential to strengthen energy security, promote economic development and protect the environment.
Energy 31-07-2007

Additional rights for energy consumers ‘not Commission concern’

The Commission has suggested introducing a European Charter on the Rights of Energy Consumers. However, the German Centre for European Policy (CEP) states in a July 2007 paper that such a charter would undermine freedom of contract and disturb market development.
Energy 26-07-2007

Incentives, risk and decision-making in mitigating climate change

Responding to climate change is made complex by several sources of uncertainty but greater certainty may come at the expense of policy flexibility, says William Blyth in a June 2007 paper for Chatham House.
Med & South 24-07-2007

Russia, realism and EU unity

The EU can no longer claim to be building a 'strategic partnership' with Russia that is based on common values and needs to adjust its strategy to new realities, argues Katinka Barysch in a July 2007 policy brief for the Centre for European Reform (CER).
Energy 24-07-2007

Good governance of the petroleum sector

The difficulties faced by developing countries in managing oil revenues efficiently and fairly, the requirements of economic liberalisation and pressure from evolving international standards have placed the governance of the petroleum sector in sharp focus, states this Chatham House report, published in April 2007.
Energy 02-07-2007

Energy: Choices for Europe

The quest for secure, competitive, and environmentally friendly energy supplies will require tough choices as the objectives imply that a number of trade-offs are necessary, write Lars-Hendrick Röller, Juan Delgado and Hans W. Friederiszick for the Bruegel think-tank.
Energy 18-06-2007

Energy security and Iran: Assessing the transatlantic divide

A new chapter offered by the election of President Sarkozy in France and the elevation of Gordon Brown to UK prime minister provides a chance of better transatlantic relations over Iran and energy security, claims Simon Henderson – director of the Gulf and Energy Policy Programme at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – in a June essay for the Transatlantic Institute.
Energy 13-06-2007

The EU and Kazakhstan: economic co-operation and democratic reforms

There is still progress to be made in Kazakhstan if it is to continue down the road to reform, writes Bhavna Dave in a May 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Energy 08-06-2007

Energy and emissions impacts of corn ethanol processing

The greenhouse-gas emission impacts from different corn ethanol processing plant types can vary significantly, new research from the US Centre for Transportation Research reveals - from a 3% increase if coal is the process fuel to a 52% reduction if wood chips are used.
Energy 07-06-2007

Energy security in Europe

Calls for a European energy policy that simultaneously guarantees security of supply, environmental performance and competitive prices present an "unsolvable equation" and risk leading to ineffective responses, warns Jan Horst Keppler, in an April 2007 paper for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
Energy 09-05-2007

The Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership

Exceptional political leadership, serious public debate and concerted action are required from the highest consuming countries in order to bring energy supply and consumption into a sustainable balance, states the final report of the Club de Madrid’s 5th General Assembly on the 'Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership', which took place in Madrid on 20-21 October 2006.

Energy policy during the German EU Presidency

In this article for think-tank Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), German Economics and TechnologyMinister Michael Glos highlights the key elements of the German EU Presidency's energy policy.
Energy 24-01-2007

European Energy policies: Ten questions, ten answers for the future

Hildegard von Liechtenstein, PhD in engineering, writing for the Thomas More Institute, poses ten questions on European energy policy and reaches the conclusion that the solution to our energy concerns lies with nuclear power.

The European Union’s quest for a common energy foreign policy

The latest issue of the German journal Foreign Policy in Dialogue focuses on Europe's efforts to form a common energy foreign policy from the perspectives of Germany, Poland, France and Lithuania.
Trade & Society 30-05-2006

Analysis: A new agreement between the EU and Russia?

With energy currently on top of EU-Russia relations, researchers at CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) discuss the different options available for the replacement of the 10-year old EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA).

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