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  • Mandil: Energy solidarity ‘still just words’

    Interview | Energy 10-02-2009

    Several EU governments did not show solidarity over the recent gas crisis, former executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Claude Mandil told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Parliament backs bold plans for EU’s energy future

    News | Energy 04-02-2009

    The European Parliament yesterday (3 February) endorsed a comprehensive blueprint for the bloc's future energy policy, including more ambitious targets on climate change and renewable energies in proposals due to be submitted to EU leaders next month.

  • Reflecting on EU bioenergy policy

    Opinion | Science & Policymaking 27-11-2008

    Appropriate implementation of the relevant EU directives will increase bioenergy use, but significant technology development is still required if a new generation of biofuels and feedstocks is to be developed to meet European targets for 2020, argues Kai Sipilä (et al.) of the Bioenergy Network of Excellence (Bioenergy NoE).

  • European energy sector ‘continuous environmental threat’, warns EEA

    News | Energy 20-11-2008

    Despite improved efficiency in electricity and heat production and a cleaner energy mix, the power sector still produces 80% of European greenhouse gases, putting significant strain on the climate, a new European Environment Agency (EEA) study shows.

  • Commission unveils new energy-saving measures

    News | Energy 14-11-2008

    The European Commission has proposed reinforcing existing efficiency standards on buildings and energy-using products as part of the Second Strategic Energy Review package announced yesterday (13 November).

  • Commission makes energy ‘top priority’ of EU budget reform

    News | Energy 13-11-2008

    Energy policy should rank among the "top priorities of the EU budget," claimed Budget and Financial Programming Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite at a conference yesterday (12 November 2008) on reform of the EU budget.

  • ‘Business as usual’ as EU and Russia resume energy talks

    News | Med & South 08-10-2008

    An EU-Russia ministerial meeting on energy to be held in Paris today (8 October) proves that relations between the EU and Moscow are back to "business as usual" despite the Georgia crisis, Commission officials said.

  • EU energy and climate policy: two years on

    Opinion | Science & Policymaking 30-09-2008

    "There is still some way to go" to translate the progress made by EU energy policy in recent years into "efficient policy responses," writes Jørgen Henningsen, senior advisor on energy and environmental issues at the European Policy Centre (EPC).

  • MEPs quarrel over high energy bills

    News | Energy 29-09-2008

    The European Parliament struggled last week (25 September) to pass a resolution on energy prices as Socialist MEPs accused the centre right EPP-ED group of rejecting proposals aimed at shielding the poor from soaring gas and electricity bills.

  • Discussing the impact assessment of the ‘third energy liberalisation package’

    Opinion | Energy 24-07-2008

    Questions are being raised about the quality and effectiveness of evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of the Commission's impact assessment on the third energy liberalisation package, says Jacopo Torriti in a May 2008 report for the European University Institute.

  • The case for investing in energy productivity

    Opinion | Energy 14-02-2008

    Containing energy demand is as important as developing new sources of supply, despite fears that this will require "large costs and economic sacrifices", according to a new study from management consultants McKinsey. Indeed, additional annual investments of $170 billion between now and 2020, shared between the industrial, commercial, residential and transport sectors, would be enough to "capture the energy productivity opportunity", the study argues.

  • Professor: ‘Obvious’ energy synergy between EU and Mediterranean region

    Interview | Med & South 18-01-2008

    The potential for further energy cooperation between the countries of North Africa and the EU is 'obvious' as the bloc seeks to diversify its sources of supply, but future energy relations between the two regions should be at company rather than state level, said Professor Jean-Marie Chevalier of Paris-Dauphine University in an interview with EURACTIV France.

  • EU eyes common energy market with Mediterranean

    News | Med & South 19-12-2007

    Ministers from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East agreed, on 17 December, to a six-year Action Plan which ultimately aims to create "a common Euro-Mediterranean energy market" based on free competition and reciprocal access to energy markets.

  • Ruete: ‘We need quick decisions’ on the energy package

    Interview | Energy 06-11-2007

    The Commission's Director-General for Energy and Transport, Matthias Ruete, spoke with EURACTIV on 28 September concerning the Commission's efforts to create an internal market for energy in the EU. Ruete was upbeat about the creation of more European companies in the sector, despite efforts by some member states to create 'national champions', and hopes that EU legislators will agree quickly on the different aspects of the Commission's third energy package in order to attract crucial investments.

    Matthias Ruete is Director-General of the Energy and Transport Directorate at the European Commission.  

  • EU climate and energy proposals delayed

    News | Transport 23-10-2007

    The Commission has confirmed that an important package of legislative measures necessary for meeting Europe's climate change targets, including the promotion of renewable energies, will be delayed until at least mid-January.

  • Commission backs nuclear in ‘energy revolution’

    News | Energy 03-10-2007

    Commission leaders have defended their plans for a radical shake-up of the EU's energy market presented two weeks ago and thrown their weight behind nuclear power as one of the drivers of a "third industrial revolution" that should lead Europe towards a "low-carbon age".

  • Collective power: towards an EU-wide support scheme for renewable energy

    Opinion | Energy 24-09-2007

    EU support for renewable energy currently "suffers from fragmented, uncoordinated national policies", writes Sheldon Welton for the think tank Notre Europe.

  • Third energy package: stakeholder reactions broadly positive

    News | Energy 20-09-2007

    The Commission's package of proposed regulations to further liberalise the EU's energy market, unveiled yesterday (19 September) in Brussels, has provoked spirited reactions from a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

  • Commission set for climb-down on ‘ownership unbundling’

    News | Energy 03-09-2007

    A proposal to further liberalise the EU's energy market, due on 19 September, is to present member states with alternative options to full 'ownership unbundling' in an effort to ward off a veto threat from nine countries led by Germany and France, EU officials have told EURACTIV.

  • Biofuels: Farm Aid, Not Foe

    Opinion | Energy 29-08-2007

    In its new publication ‘Biofuels for Transport’, the Worldwatch Institute examines how biofuels can reach their potential to strengthen energy security, promote economic development and protect the environment.

  • Energy markets: Commission wants price controls

    News | Energy 24-08-2007

    Strict regulation of electricity and gas prices may be part of the Commission's upcoming proposal on energy market liberalisation, according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, which obtained a leaked draft of the proposal.

  • Additional rights for energy consumers ‘not Commission concern’

    Opinion | Energy 31-07-2007

    The Commission has suggested introducing a European Charter on the Rights of Energy Consumers. However, the German Centre for European Policy (CEP) states in a July 2007 paper that such a charter would undermine freedom of contract and disturb market development.

  • Incentives, risk and decision-making in mitigating climate change

    Opinion | Energy 26-07-2007

    Responding to climate change is made complex by several sources of uncertainty but greater certainty may come at the expense of policy flexibility, says William Blyth in a June 2007 paper for Chatham House.

  • Russia, realism and EU unity

    Opinion | Med & South 24-07-2007

    The EU can no longer claim to be building a 'strategic partnership' with Russia that is based on common values and needs to adjust its strategy to new realities, argues Katinka Barysch in a July 2007 policy brief for the Centre for European Reform (CER).

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