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Electricity 26-02-2021

Texas power outage: lessons from the EU regulators’ perspective

The devastating events in Texas show the potential energy security risks of extreme weather, but also the benefit of the interconnected European energy grid, writes Christian Zinglersen.
Electricity 06-11-2018

Regulated energy prices: The end of an era?

Many European countries have various types of limits on gas and electricity prices paid by consumers, a legacy inherited from the post-war period.
Energy 12-06-2018

Sovereignty row holds back EU’s new energy regulator

The European Union inched forward on Monday (11 June) in redefining the role of ACER, the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. But more discussions still lie ahead, with some EU countries worried about “unlimited competences” granted to the agency.
Central Europe 29-04-2015

Analyst: Politics have marred Bulgaria’s energy sector

Politicians in Bulgaria tend to forget national interests. The end result is that there are no big energy-related projects on the Bulgarian horizon – either in the sphere of electricity or in the sphere of gas, Slavcho Neykov, energy policy expert, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Bruno Liebhaberg [Photo © HorstWagner.eu, FEPS Europe/Flickr]
Transport 27-11-2014

Bruno Liebhaberg: EU should re-think liberalisation of network industries

SPECIAL REPORT: Providing quality services at affordable prices should be the guiding principles of regulation of network industries, according to Bruno Liebhaberg who urges the Juncker Commission to reconsider the EU’s approach to liberalisation in sectors such as telecoms, railways and energy.
Energy 26-08-2014

Energy Community reform: What will the EU push for?

Ahead of the ministerial meeting in the Western Balkans on the EU energy reform, Dragana Mileusnic calls for the adoption and the implementation of the new energy rules as soon as possible. A clear and speedy EU message will benefit not only the people but it will also ensure security of energy supply in the whole region.
Trade & Society 15-11-2012

Brussels urges EU countries to stop energy market ‘distortions’

EU countries must do away with the distorting influence of state intervention and step up efforts to implement internal energy market rules, which could save consumers an estimated €13 billion a year, says a report by the European Commission released Thursday (15 November).
Energy 12-11-2012

Switching energy supplier can still take months, experts say

Switching energy suppliers and settling disputes still take too long in EU countries, says a review by the Council of European Energy Regulators.
Central Europe 08-12-2009

EU agency vote revives Slovakia-Hungary language row

A recent decision to host a new EU energy agency in Slovenia has revived tensions between Budapest and Bratislava, which had hoped to host the agency in the Slovak capital.
Energy 07-12-2009

EU energy regulators’ seat goes to Ljubljana

The EU's new Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) will be located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, ministers decided yesterday evening (6 December).
Energy 20-10-2009

Regulators claim role in combating climate change

The climate change imperative has radically changed the energy regulation environment, shooting up the priority list alongside energy security and fuel poverty, EURACTIV heard yesterday (19 October) at the fourth World Forum on Energy Regulation in Athens.
Central Europe 13-10-2009

Regulator: Energy poverty ‘very important’ to Eastern Europe

The severe turmoil that some countries experienced during the financial crisis has slowed down liberalisation of energy markets in East European, says Gabor Szorenyi, chairman of the energy regulators regional association for central and Eastern Europe. But the road to liberalisation must continue, he adds, despite legitimate concerns regarding energy poverty in those countries.
Energy 02-10-2009

EU pushes for more transparency of consumer energy bills

European policymakers, consumer groups and energy industry representatives have endorsed a set of voluntary guidelines for good practice in energy billing, in an attempt to placate dissatisfied customers.
Energy 03-06-2009

Eastern states jostle to host EU energy agency

Romania launched a campaign yesterday (2 June) to host the future European agency for the cooperation of energy regulators (ACER), entering a competition with existing rival bids by Slovenia and Slovakia.
Energy 23-02-2009

ERGEG: EU regulation at a turning point

European energy market integration is happening, albeit slowly, Lord John Mogg, president of the European Energy Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG), argued in an interview with EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Energy 23-02-2009

EU energy regulation ‘at a turning point’

European energy market integration is happening, albeit slowly, Lord John Mogg, president of the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG), argued in an interview with EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Energy 29-09-2008

MEPs quarrel over high energy bills

The European Parliament struggled last week (25 September) to pass a resolution on energy prices as Socialist MEPs accused the centre right EPP-ED group of rejecting proposals aimed at shielding the poor from soaring gas and electricity bills.
Competition 18-07-2008

EU Court says Spanish blockage of energy merger illegal

The EU's highest court ruled on 17 July that Spain broke EU internal market rules when it insisted last year that all mergers in the energy sector must be pre-approved by its national energy regulator, effectively thwarting a takeover attempt on the national energy company Endesa by Germany's E.ON.
Energy 09-06-2008

Paris and Berlin win EU energy liberalisation deal

EU energy ministers bowed to pressure from France and Germany at a meeting on Friday, agreeing on a "general approach" to opening gas and electricity markets that prevents integrated firms such as EDF and E.ON from selling off their transmission grids.
Energy 29-05-2008

MEPs: Strong EU regulator key to energy market puzzle

The Commission should envisage greater powers for a new regulatory agency in its proposals on EU energy market liberalisation, according to MEPs in Parliament's Industry (ITRE) Committee. 
Competition 07-03-2008

EU Court rules against Spain in energy merger saga

The European Court of Justice has ruled against Spain's energy regulator, which previously succeeded in blocking a takeover attempt of Endesa by Germany's E.ON. Meanwhile, Brussels has said it will take a closer look at a blocked merger in Hungary's oil and gas sector.  
Energy 30-11-2007

Towards a ‘European energy community’

EU plans to build an 'energy community' to deal with the challenge of climate change, security of supply and competitiveness are "as full of risks as […] hopes" given the "violent conflicts of interest and prejudices" involved, according to Philippe Herzog, president of French think tank Confrontations Europe.
Competition 31-07-2007

EU opens antitrust probe against E.ON and Gaz de France

The European Commission has opened a formal investigation against German energy giant E.ON and Gaz de France for allegedly agreeing to keep out of one another's home market, thereby thwarting competition and keeping prices artificially high.
Trade & Society 09-01-2007

Brussels seeks greater powers for national energy watchdogs

Proposals to be unveiled this week introduce a 'softer option' that would avoid breaking up major energy utilities in an attempt to ease tensions with France and Germany over market liberalisation.