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  • Poland blocks EU’s zero-carbon plan

    News | Climate change 18-06-2012

    With European delegates preparing to push a low-carbon agenda at the Rio Earth Summit this week, coal-reliant Poland has prevented EU governments from speaking with a single voice in the bloc's debate on a low-carbon energy future.

  • Poland keeps vetoing its own future

    Opinion | Climate change 15-03-2012

    By stubbornly rejecting the EU’s shared vision to move towards a green energy future, Poland is vetoing modernisation of its own economy and further isolating itself, argues Julia Michalak from Climate Action Network Europe.

  • Oettinger: Elections are ‘bad time’ for debating energy

    News | Elections 06-03-2012

    2012 is a year of elections in France, the United States and Russia, but energy and elections are "not a good couple", because energy policies are "quite complicated" for an electoral debate, Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger told a Brussels audience today (6 March). 

  • Ensuring growth and mobility – Stakeholder Workshop

     Video | Promoted content | Transport 06-02-2012

    31 January, 2012
    Looking ahead at the 2050 Energy Roadmap, the White Paper on Transport, released by the Commission in March, set some ambitious targets for European transport policy. The Council has discussed the White Paper and the European Parliament is expected to give its opinion in January 2012. While the overall paper was received with enthusiasm by many policymakers and stakeholders, some of the initiatives proposed give cause for further discussion. EURACTIV invites you to discuss these issues in advance of the parliamentary debate.

  • Europe’s 2050 energy roadmap: The quiet revolution

    Opinion | Brexit 21-12-2011

    In the midst of an existential crisis, the EU’s recently released Energy Roadmap 2050 represents a rare opportunity for the bloc to demonstrate unity, vision and leadership, writes Will Andrews, from FTI Consulting Brussels, an advisory firm.

  • 2050 roadmap to re-boot stalled energy efficiency talks

    News | Development Policy 19-12-2011

    Denmark, which takes over the EU's rotating presidency on 1 January, is likely to use the European Commission's Energy Roadmap 2050 as a tool to push through an agreement on the stalled Energy Efficiency Directive. 

  • EU energy roadmap for 2050 seen as a ‘missed opportunity’

    News | Energy 15-12-2011

    European clean energy advocates criticised the European Commission’s energy roadmap for 2050, published today (15 December), as a "missed opportunity" for omitting intermediate targets from the final text.

  • Experts question viability of ‘timid’ EU energy plan

    News | Energy 09-03-2011

    The European Commission finally launched its calculations on how to reach a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2020 yesterday (8 March) but as it did so, senior policy figures were questioning the maths.