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Energy 09-03-2022

The EU must pull out all stops to save energy

The EU must initiate a comprehensive energy-saving programme as the most effective short-term instrument to provide relief from the energy crisis, writes Graham Weale.
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Our renovation dream needs a reality check

I’ve been involved with the renovation of buildings for more than a decade. I’ve campaigned for policies to put renovation at the top of public agendas and I’ve worked on hundreds of retrofit sites across Europe. Barry Lynham is Managing...
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How to keep a renovation promise? Quality and quantity

When the European Commission announced its new strategy to renovate 35 million buildings by 2030 as part of a multi-billion-euro green recovery programme it felt like a genuinely historic opportunity. David Ducarme is the Group Chief Operating Officer at Knauf...
Energy 30-04-2019

Energy saving certificates in search for better optimisation

Across Europe, there is a high degree of consensus on the importance of realising energy savings in buildings. But debate still rages on how best to organise energy certificate schemes, which have been plagued by fraud and abuse. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 16-04-2019

Price of energy saving certificates causes friction in France

Energy saving certificates, or white certificates, were meant to be the answer to France’s slow progress in reducing energy consumption. However, there is far more demand than supply, resulting in a surge in prices of certificates, which have more than doubled in a year. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 29-09-2016

Time to get holistic on energy

The EU needs to stop treating all energy sources as if they were equally desirable when it comes to energy savings. This approach undermines the promotion of renewables, with negative effects for the EU’s energy independence, writes Anders Stouge.
European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger with Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard
Energy 22-07-2014

EU member states not reaching 2020 energy efficiency goals, Commission says

EXCLUSIVE / Further efforts are needed by member states to reach the EU's energy saving target of 20% by 2020, the European Commission said in a leaked draft communication obtained by EURACTIV. The Commission also watered down the target for 2030 considerably in the latest draft.
Energy 16-01-2014

‘Low carbon leakage’ begins as EU prepares to junk efficiency goal

EXCLUSIVE / Fears of a relocation of Europe's clean energy industry abroad - low carbon leakage - have been fanned with news of a factory closure by a German insulation company that has a billion-dollar annual turnover.
Energy 04-11-2013

Glass industry chief: ‘Energy efficiency not a cap on industrial growth’

Europe’s energy intensive industries are probably divided on the merits of power savings targets for 2030, but if the right mix of unambiguous and universal targets and measures can be agreed – and explained – opposition could fade away, argues Houchan Shoeibi.
Energy 17-10-2013

IEA: Treat energy efficiency as ‘world’s first fuel’

Global energy saving investments - and their effects on energy demand - are now equal to the net contribution of other fuel sources, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on 16 October, as it launched its inaugural Energy Efficiency Market Report.  
Energy 30-08-2013

EU survey finds ‘enormous disparity’ in national energy efficiency policies

An expert study has uncovered vast differences in the ambition and nature of energy efficiency policies implemented across the 28 EU member states.
Energy 29-05-2013

Battle of narratives erupts over 2020 energy savings progress

The European Commission traded fire with energy savings campaigners yesterday (28 May) over the EU's chances of meeting its goal of cutting power use 20% by 2020, as both sides read different runes from energy projections submitted by member states last month.
Energy 24-05-2013

Energy savings hopes dashed by EU leaders’ ‘political cowardice’

Progress on energy efficiency was blocked at an EU summit on Wednesday (22 May) by a cocktail of myopic business interests and timid leadership, according to Hans Nilsson, a board member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE).
Energy 14-05-2013

European leaders must end energy business-as-usual

Short-term economic concerns appear to have edged the environment out of the picture ahead of next week’s EU summit dedicated to energy issues, writes Brook Riley.
Energy 13-05-2013

UK fails in new bid to water down Energy Efficiency Directive

EXCLUSIVE / A British attempt to wriggle out of its energy savings obligations under the EU’s flagship Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) has been stymied by a European Commission Legal Services document, which EURACTIV has seen.
Energy 03-05-2013

US banks own up to energy efficiency failings

Banking officials at a conference in New York City have reportedly admitted that despite their statements about the importance of energy savings, they are reluctant to lend money in practice.
Energy 25-04-2013

Energy efficiency expert: A sole CO2 target for 2030 would be dangerous

It would be dangerous for the EU’s 2030 Green Paper to focus on a single greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, says Bernard Laponche, an energy efficiency consultant and advisor to several countries in the EU and further afield. Doing so could result in the EU’s climate policy ‘getting lost’.
Energy 27-02-2013

Press ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ on green computers vote, say clean energy groups

MEPs will vote tomorrow (28 February) on proposals for binding energy efficiency standards for computers and servers, but clean energy groups say that without more ambitious targets the whole exercise could be a "waste of time".
Energy 20-02-2013

EU mulls 2030 targets for CO2 and renewables, but not energy efficiency

The 27 EU Commissioners are meeting in Brussels today (20 February) to consider early proposals for 2030 climate targets covering CO2 emissions and possibly renewables. But the proposals aren't likely to extend to efficiency, despite EU data showing the continent is on track to miss its 2020 goals.
Brexit 20-12-2012

Three EU states condemn UK’s energy savings ‘accounting trick’

Germany, Austria and Finland have called for the withdrawal of an “absurd and unjustified” gentleman's agreement that allowed the United Kingdom to sign up to the Energy Efficiency Directive. The plea was made in a letter, seen by EURACTIV, to Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger.
Energy 14-12-2012

Household electricity consumption reaches new high: Report

After decreasing steadily for years, household electricity consumption in 2010 reached its highest level in two decades, says a report by the European Commission.

Energy Efficiency Directive: Completing an energy policy puzzle

The European Union put down the last piece of the bloc's 2020 climate and energy policy puzzle by adopting an Energy Efficiency Directive. The directive is a game-changer for energy companies, which are now required to achieve 1.5% energy savings every year among their final clients. The EU law is also expected to trigger the largest revamp of Europe's existing building stock to date and set new standards for public procurement and energy audits.

2030 climate and energy policy: The time is now

If the European Commission is serious about tackling climate change it must set 2030 targets for renewable energies and energy savings, says Brook Riley.
Energy 03-10-2012

Ireland will miss EU energy efficiency targets, study says

Ireland will have to double its efforts in making dwellings more energy-efficient or it will have to pay fines to the European Commission for not complying with the EU's newly adopted Energy Efficiency Directive, a new study shows.