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Energy 20-08-2009

Pipeline politics? Russia and the EU’s battle for energy

While Russian gas giant Gazprom is drawing up long-term plans to strengthen its grip on Europe with pipeline projects backed by the Kremlin, the EU's response strategies are only in the early stages of development.
Energy 12-03-2008

Energy Technology Research

Speeding up research in low-carbon technologies is considered key to facing the twin challenges of climate change and energy-supply security but the EU is still lagging behind when it comes to big R&D budgets. In November 2007, the Commission tabled a Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) in an attempt to improve collaboration between the EU and member states on the issue.
Central Europe 10-01-2007

Geopolitics of EU energy supply

As one of the world's largest importers of oil, gas and coal, the EU is a major player on the international energy market - However, it remains a dwarf on the political stage as member states keep the upper hand on foreign policy. With external dependence on imports forecast to grow steadily, the EU has started to integrate energy aspects into relations with third countries. EURACTIV brings an overview of relations with key regions for supply and transit.
Energy 04-01-2007

Energy Outlook

Energy Outlooks produce forecasts for the future global energy situation, especially in terms of energy demand, energy mix and security of supply. This article compares some of the different energy scenarios that various Outlooks provide, with a focus on the estimated impact of climate change policies on the development of the global energy situation and CO2 emissions in the first third of this century.