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Energy 08-02-2019

France now against Nord Stream 2

The gas pipeline has long been controversial and now majorities are shifting within the EU. Can the project still be stopped? EURACTIV Germany’s media partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Agrifood 08-02-2017

Belarus in energy and border fracas with big brother Russia

Russia and Belarus remained allies after the collapse of the Soviet Union but their relationship has soured lately. The main point of contention appears to be energy supply. Euractiv Germany reports.
Energy 19-10-2016

‘Milestone’ Greek electricity deal ends 10-year dispute

Greece’s electricity company has signed a long-awaited energy supply agreement with the country’s biggest industry customer - Aluminium of Greece - ending a conflict over the pricing of electricity that had been raging for almost sixteen years.
Energy 12-11-2012

Switching energy supplier can still take months, experts say

Switching energy suppliers and settling disputes still take too long in EU countries, says a review by the Council of European Energy Regulators.
Regional Policy 17-10-2012

MEPs question EU’s energy strategy in the Balkans

MEPs and local NGOs worry that that the European Commission is bypassing civil society and environmental rules as it devises an energy strategy for the Western Balkan region.
Trade & Society 20-09-2012

MEPs divided on whether EU should regulate shale gas

Lawmakers on the European Parliament's environment committee backed strong new regulation on shale gas and oil mining yesterday (19  September), just after their colleagues in the energy committee insisted on each country's right to decide for itself.
Energy 05-09-2012

Commission opens antitrust case against Gazprom

The European Commission is investigating the Russian energy giant Gazprom for allegedly hindering competition in Central and Eastern European gas markets, in breach of EU antitrust rules. 
Climate change 24-08-2012

Europe’s resistance to shale gas could boost renewables

Europe has been unable to repeat the shale gas revolution that has swept the United States, and that could prove to be the unlikely saviour of long-term EU efforts to spur renewables and curb greenhouse gases.
Energy 20-08-2012

Europe starts stockpiling oil as Iran conflict looms

European governments are rushing to boost stockpiles of crude oil and fuel, anxious to comply with new EU rules and amid reports that Israel is preparing to launch an attack on Iran.
Energy 04-06-2012

Energy meltdown looms large over Greece

Greece's debt crisis threatened to turn into an energy crunch, with the power regulator calling an emergency meeting this week to avert a collapse of the country's electricity and natural gas system.
Central Europe 06-02-2012

Villagers scramble for fuel as Europe’s big chill bites

Hungarian villagers were scavenging for coal with their bare hands on Thursday (2 February) as a blast of Siberian air killed scores in Eastern Europe and looked set to keep its icy grip on the continent for days to come.
Energy 01-02-2012

Cold snap reduces Russian gas supplies

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom has restricted supplies to Europe, its largest foreign market, to cover an increase in domestic demand caused by a cold snap. 
Energy 26-01-2012

Gazprom chief questions EU pipeline rules

EU rules designed to boost third-party participation in Russian pipelines shipping gas to Europe could trigger legal steps by Russia, the head of Gazprom said in an interview with a German newspaper published today (26 January).
Energy 21-12-2011

‘Tough talks’ likely after MEPs back binding efficiency goals

The European Parliament's environment committee has thrown its weight behind binding energy efficiency targets for member states in a vote held yesterday (20 December). However, there it little chance that these will survive in later versions of the draft energy efficiency directive, EURACTIV was told.
Energy 15-12-2011

Energy efficiency directive in limbo

The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Directive is to save energy and boost growth, but the means through which it will simultaneously achieve both are still to be fleshed out.
Energy 12-12-2011

UK customers bitter about energy bills, complaints soar

Britons' complaints about their energy suppliers rose by 26% from July to September, says a report published by Consumer Focus, a leading UK consumer watchdog.
Energy 21-09-2011

Industry warns against end of oil refining in Europe

The European oil industry rang the alarm yesterday (20 September) on the impact of EU energy efficiency legislation on oil refining activities, warning of the end of the sector in Europe.
Energy 15-04-2011

Turkey caught between Nabucco and South Stream

Rival gas pipeline projects Nabucco and South Stream are seeking Turkey's support. But it would not be in Ankara's interest to decide between one or the other, said energy expert Roland Götz. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 03-01-2011

Nearly €8bn of EU energy savings fund lies unclaimed

As the EU struggles to meet its target of reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020, energy efficiency grants from a reallocated fund worth eight billion euros are still going unclaimed, according to a top European Commission official who spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Med & South 27-09-2010

EU insists on ‘unbundling’ Ukraine’s Naftogaz

The European Commission said on Friday (24 September) it expected Ukraine's state energy company Naftogaz to separate its gas transit pipelines from other businesses.
Regional Policy 17-09-2010

Regions look to create global power base

Regional representatives from around the world this week outlined plans to create an 'R20' for global cooperation on climate and energy reform during a high-level Energy Congress in Canada. Blogactiv reports from Montreal.
Energy 16-09-2010

64% of new power to be renewable over next decade

Renewable energy is set to make up nearly two-thirds of new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU over the next decade, according to new estimates by the European Commission.
Energy 15-09-2010

Adriatic pipeline to tap into Azeri gas

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) announced today (15 September) that the Shah Deniz II natural gas field in Azerbaijan is the initial target of gas intended for the project, designed to offer the shortest and most-cost-effective gas supply to Italy and European markets.
Energy 13-09-2010

Merkel’s ‘nuclear tour’ remains inconclusive

For several months, Germany has been discussing the future of its energy policy. Last month, Chancellor Angela Merkel went on an 'energy tour' across the country to meet different stakeholders and visit various power plants. These included renewable energy as well as nuclear sites. EURACTIV Germany reports.