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  • Regions look to create global power base

    News | Regional Policy 17-09-2010

    Regional representatives from around the world this week outlined plans to create an 'R20' for global cooperation on climate and energy reform during a high-level Energy Congress in Canada. Blogactiv reports from Montreal.

  • 64% of new power to be renewable over next decade

    News | Energy 16-09-2010

    Renewable energy is set to make up nearly two-thirds of new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU over the next decade, according to new estimates by the European Commission.

  • Adriatic pipeline to tap into Azeri gas

    News | Energy 15-09-2010

    The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) announced today (15 September) that the Shah Deniz II natural gas field in Azerbaijan is the initial target of gas intended for the project, designed to offer the shortest and most-cost-effective gas supply to Italy and European markets.

  • Merkel’s ‘nuclear tour’ remains inconclusive

    News | Energy 13-09-2010

    For several months, Germany has been discussing the future of its energy policy. Last month, Chancellor Angela Merkel went on an 'energy tour' across the country to meet different stakeholders and visit various power plants. These included renewable energy as well as nuclear sites. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • EU to define ‘vulnerable’ energy customers

    News | Energy 08-09-2010

    The EU is set to draft a definition of energy poverty in a bid to put consumers on the bloc's energy policy agenda.

  • Poland smells German foul play over gas terminal

    News | Energy 31-08-2010

    Berlin is opposed to Poland receiving an EU grant to construct an LNG gas terminal on its Baltic coast due to environmental concerns. But the Polish press argues that the real cause of Germany's unease is that the new terminal would compete with the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • Gazprom pressures Lithuania over gas unbundling

    News | Energy 26-08-2010

    Russian energy giant Gazprom wants Lithuania to hold talks on plans to unbundle the gas sector, as doing so would hurt its investment in the country, the company said in a letter seen by Reuters on Wednesday (25 August), which also threatens court action. Lithuania reacted strongly to the pressure.

  • Nabucco pipeline confirms feeder lines to Iraq, Georgia

    News | Energy 23-08-2010

    The Nabucco pipeline project has taken another step forward by ordering engineering work for two feeder lines from Turkey to Iraq and Georgia. However, a third planned feeder line from Turkey to Iran has been put on the back-burner due to political considerations, the consortium announced.

  • Kazakhstan: Nabucco needs ‘action’, not just ‘talk’

    News | Energy 19-07-2010

    Kazakhstan's leader said yesterday (18 July) the European Union was doing too little to bring to life the Nabucco pipeline, which aims to take Caspian Sea gas to Europe and reduce the bloc's dependence on Russia.

  • Commission slams Poland over ‘Gazprom clause’

    News | Central Europe 15-07-2010

    Poland is preventing EU companies from buying its surplus Russian gas, infringing EU internal market rules, the European Commission said yesterday (14 July).

  • Gazprom bids to unsettle key Nabucco partner

    News | Energy 12-07-2010

    Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is trying to unsettle the EU-favoured Nabucco gas pipeline consortium by trying to enlist one of its members, German utility RWE, for the alternative South Stream pipeline, the Handelsblatt daily reported yesterday (11 July).

  • Oettinger proposes deepwater drilling moratorium

    News | Energy 08-07-2010

    The European Union should consider a moratorium on new deepwater drilling for oil until a probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Europe's energy chief said on yesterday (7 July).

  • Ukrainian energy group eyes greater Brussels presence

    News | Public Affairs 02-07-2010

    Ukrainian companies want to step up their presence in Brussels as policymakers draft an Association Agreement that will frame relations between the EU and Kyiv in the coming years, a representative of a large energy company told EURACTIV.

  • Who ‘lost’ Turkey?

    Opinion | Energy 02-07-2010

    Recent events show that relations with Turkey deserve to be taken more seriously, writes Joschka Fischer, a former German vice-chancellor and foreign minister and former leader of the German Green Party.

  • Lukoil CEO: Russian oil business prospers in EU

    Interview | Energy 02-07-2010

    For Russian oil companies, the business climate in Europe is good, but a lot of fallacious information about the country still needs to be countered, Vagit Alekperov, founder and president of Lukoil, Russia's largest oil company, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Shale gas ‘heats’ Polish presidential elections

    News | Brexit 28-06-2010

    The front runner in Poland's presidential election, Bronis?aw Komorowski, said on 27 June that Warsaw could not sign a long-awaited gas deal with Moscow if it were to find enough shale gas in its territory.

  • Russia-Belarus gas row leaves bitter aftertaste

    News | Energy 25-06-2010

    Russia resumed gas supplies through Belarus yesterday (25 June) after paying gas transit debts. But the gas row left a bitter aftertaste in EU circles, reinforcing mistrust in Russia as a reliable gas supplier.

  • Ukraine offers EU help in Belarus row

    News | Energy 24-06-2010

    Ukraine can transit more gas through its territory to the EU to compensate for the reduced gas flow across Belarus, which resulted from the latter's payment conflict with Russian monopolist Gazprom, Kiev announced yesterday (23 June).

  • Belarus stops gas transit to the West

    News | Energy 23-06-2010

    Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko yesterday (22 June) called a halt to gas flows to Lithuania, Poland and Germany following a payment dispute with Russian monopolist Gazprom, speaking of a "gas war," the press in the region reported.

  • Russia orders Belarus gas supplies cut

    News | Energy 21-06-2010

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told the gas monopoly Gazprom to cut gas supplies to Belarus, the Kremlin's press office said today (21 June), in a move which it is feared may affect supplies to Europe.

  • Ukraine wishes South Stream ‘peaceful death’

    News | Energy 21-06-2010

    South Stream, a gas pipeline backed by Moscow that would allow Gazprom to sell gas directly to Europe while bypassing Ukraine, has lost its raison d’être since Kiev started to normalise relations with Russia, according to one of the country's top advisers.

  • Russia in pipeline war with Bulgaria

    News | Energy 17-06-2010

    Gazprom, the Russian state-owned gas monopoly, is ready to exclude Bulgaria from its planned South Stream pipeline, apparently in retaliation to Sofia's decision to scrap an oil pipeline designed to circumvent the Bosphorus strait, the Russian daily Kommersant writes today (17 June).

  • Rifkin: Europe, the laboratory of the world

    Interview | EU Priorities 2020 16-06-2010

    Despite the economic crisis and the struggle to save the euro, the European dream is not dead: what Europe needs is an "economic vision and game plan" that can create "a seamless, distributive energy grid" and build a third industrial revolution, said Jeremy Rifkin, author of 'The European Dream', in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Turkey brokers key gas supply deals for Nabucco

    News | Energy 08-06-2010

    Azerbaijan and Turkey yesterday (7 June) signed a deal to ship 11 billion cubic metres of Azeri gas per year to Turkey. Shipments would start in 2017 and some of the gas may be pumped into the EU's planned Nabucco pipeline. Meanwhile, Northern Iraq declared in Turkey that it stands ready to provide gas supplies "to make Nabucco work".