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Energy 19-03-2020

Green Deal deserves a better Energy Taxation Directive in 2020, not years from now

Europe has a choice between getting a good taxation directive this year or waiting years for something not yet defined that may never win agreement. For the sake of climate progress, it should take its chances with what it has now, writes Jim Power.

Germany expects tough EU talks on energy taxes to counter climate change

Germany expects tough negotiations on the introduction of new energy taxes in the European Union, a senior official said on Thursday (19 September), as the bloc considers higher prices for carbon emissions as a way to achieve its climate protection targets.
Energy 30-11-2017

Think tanker: E-mobility push won’t affect EU oil demand significantly until 2040s

The IEA’s latest World Energy Outlook suggests the EU is set to wean itself off oil even as global consumption continues to rise. EURACTIV.com asked Georg Zachmann, a senior fellow at the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel, how he sees oil demand in the EU changing in the coming years.
Energy 29-09-2008

MEPs quarrel over high energy bills

The European Parliament struggled last week (25 September) to pass a resolution on energy prices as Socialist MEPs accused the centre right EPP-ED group of rejecting proposals aimed at shielding the poor from soaring gas and electricity bills.
Energy 07-07-2008

EU tuning in to energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency was a central topic of discussion in Paris last week (3-5 July) among EU environment and energy ministers concerned about high oil prices. But to date, efforts to decrease the energy intensity of the EU economy remain lacklustre.
Energy 12-06-2008

EU pledges tax breaks to counter oil price rise

The European Commission said on Wednesday (11 June) that it will propose tax breaks and other incentives to ease the short and long-term effects of fuel price rises on the poorest sectors of the EU population.
Energy 04-10-2007

MEPs slam EU performance on energy efficiency

Parliament's Committee on Industry has backed a report by MEP Fiona Hall, which charges that Commission and EU member states have largely failed to realise their own commitments to reduce energy consumption.
Energy 06-02-2006

District heating set to benefit from reduced VAT

EU finance ministers have agreed to add district heating to the list of sectors eligible for a reduced 5.5% VAT rate.
Euro & Finance 09-02-2004

Finance ministers meet on Stability Pact, taxation

EU finance ministers meet in Brussels to prepare the Spring European Council and to resolve deadlock on harmonising VAT rates.
Enlargement 29-01-2004

Energy tax not to hit new Member States immediately

The Commission has proposed to grant the new Member States transitional periods for the implementation of the Energy Tax Directive in order to take the pressure off their economies.
Energy 28-10-2003

Council adopts new Directive for tax on all energy products

After five years of discussion, the Council on 27 October adopted a new directive on energy taxation. The aim of the directive is to create an EU-wide system for the taxation of all energy products.
Energy 25-09-2003

Parliament calls for stronger energy taxation framework

On 24 September, the Parliament adopted a report on an EU framework for energy taxation although it was not satisfied with the content of the proposal.
Euro & Finance 16-07-2003

ECOFIN cautiously backs Italy’s ‘New Deal’

EU finance ministers instructed the Commission and the EIB to study the implications and possibilities of a "New Deal" for Europe.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2003

ECOFIN to discuss Italian growth plan

EU finance ministers will hold their first Council session under the Italian Presidency on 15 July.
Future EU 13-05-2003

ECOFIN to tackle 2004 budget as euro group seeks to boost its powers

As 25 European finance ministers meet on 13 May to discuss the Union's economic policy prospects for 2004, the 12 euro zone ministers seek to boost their group's status.
Energy 21-03-2003

EU approves energy tax deal

After Austria lifted its reservations, the EU's finance ministers approved common rules on 20 March to taxing energy products.
Energy 20-03-2003

EU tax deals still in limbo

Italy and Austria blocked an accord on 19 March in the latest round of talks between the 15 Member States on long-sought common rules to an EU-wide tax package and energy taxation.

ECOFIN set to approve tax package

At its meeting on 19 March, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council aims to conclude a final agreement on the three elements of the "tax package".
Euro & Finance 07-03-2003

Finance ministers meet as France breaches deficit limit

France was heading for a showdown with the euro zone over its breach of the EU's deficit control pact as finance ministers prepared to review the pact and their declining economies on 7 March.
Energy 19-02-2003

ECOFIN: Ministers postpone agreement on Energy Tax

Italy defends its stance on diesel tax breaks, forcing EU Ministers to postpone renewed talks on the energy tax question until March. Bilateral talks to be held in the meantime to ease outstanding issues.
Energy 04-12-2002

Germany blocks energy tax deal

During the ECOFIN Council of 3 December, the EU's finance ministers again failed to reach a compromise on the proposed taxation of energy products. Germany is the only country still opposing the Danish Presidency's compromise proposal, which needs unanimity to be adopted.

ECOFIN to discuss state of play of negotiations with Switzerland on savings tax

The ECOFIN Council will on 8 October hear an oral report by the Presidency and Commissioner Bolkestein on the current state of play of negotiations with Switzerland on taxation of savings.

EU increases pressure on Switzerland over tax savings agreement

The EU's foreign ministers threatened on 30 September to stall negotiations on other dossiers if Switzerland remains opposed to a deal on exchange of information on savings of EU citizens

Finance ministers put pressure on Switzerland

The EU Finance Ministers have threatened Switzerland with sanctions if it keeps refusing to accept an agreement on a tax information exchange system