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Technology 10-11-2021

Enough is enough! Rein in the giants.

The newly inaugurated Norwegian government must do their utmost to restrict the powers of the international tech giants. So should the European Union and legislators in other countries.
Technology 03-11-2021

DSA: enforcement for very large online platforms moves toward EU Commission

The European Commission will have ‘exclusive power’ to enforce obligations on very large online platforms, according to the most recent compromise text on the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Slovenian Presidency pitches provisions to ‘avoid enforcement deadlocks’ in DSA

The Slovenian Presidency has advanced an enforcement structure that would give stronger intervention powers to the European Commission in the context of the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA) package. The European Commission presented the package in December 2020. It contains...
Transport 20-03-2008

Commission cracks down on traffic offenders

In a bid to cut the number of deaths on EU roads, the European Commission intends to make it easier for national authorities to fine drivers from another EU country for offences committed on their territory, such as speeding or drink driving.
Technology 21-03-2007

MEPs vote prison terms for counterfeiters

For the first time, member states could be forced to adapt their penal laws to internal-market objectives. The European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee has backed criminal measures - including imprisonment - aimed at enforcing a wide range of intellectual property rights (IPR).
Technology 26-01-2007

MEPs mull criminal sanctions against e-‘piracy’ and counterfeiting

As the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee prepares to vote on a Directive on criminal sanctions for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringements, the trenches between proponents of harsher punishments and consumer advocates are deepening.
Security 14-07-2005

Commission proposes criminal measures for IP infringements

DG Justice and Home Affairs wants tougher laws for all intentional infringements of an intellectual property right on a commercial scale, including prison sentences.
Technology 29-07-2002

EU Presidency proposes e-cooperation by law enforcement agencies

In a proposal on police cooperation, the Danish EU Presidency proposes an electronic exchange of information between law enforcement authorities of the Member States.