About: Enik? Gy?ri

Central Europe 30-04-2013

Hungary responds to suspicions with facts

In this opinion piece, Hungarian minister Enik? Gy?ri reacts to criticism by Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt on Hungary's constitutional changes. EURACTIV has suggested that the debate continues on video.
Elections 18-04-2013

Hungary’s critics should check their facts

Before liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt calls for Article 7 of the EU treaty to be applied against Hungary, he should check his facts, Enik? Gy?ri says in a commentary submitted to EURACTIV. 
Central Europe 14-11-2012

Hungarian minister: A budget for the eurozone will destroy the EU

A second budget for the eurozone would result in treating countries differently and ultimately destroy the EU, Enik? Gy?ri, Hungary's state secretary for European Affairs, told EURACTIV Germany.