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Enlargement 29-07-2009

Iceland’s path to EU membership may be a rocky one

The Icelandic parliament's recent vote "to apply for membership [of the European Union] was a close run thing – 33 in favour, 28 against – and it would certainly be wrong to underestimate the negotiating difficulties which lie ahead," writes Michael Berendt, a former European Commission official and current public affairs advisor, in a July post on Blogactiv.
Enlargement 20-05-2009

The cost of no Turkey

"When Turkey is admitted as a member of the EU, the new Union will be in a much better position to project open society values in the world," writes Hakan Altinay, executive director of the Open Society Foundation, in a May paper.
Central Europe 18-07-2005

Austrian finance minister questions Turkey’s accession

In a number of interviews, Karl-Heinz Grasser, the likely future president of the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council under the upcoming Austrian presidency, has called for a deferral of accession talks with Turkey.
Enlargement 19-10-2000

Fischer adds to confusing debate on enlargement timetables

German Foreign Minister Fischer says the EU should provide a timetable that shows the next stages of enlargement.
Enlargement 18-10-2000

France dampens hopes for early enlargement

France dampens candidates' hopes for an early EU membership by categorically refusing to set enlargement dates in Nice.