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EU to pour more money into strengthening rule of law in the Balkans

The European Commission, battling the growing threats to its core democratic values at home, has promised to dedicate more funds to rule of law programmes for countries in the Western Balkans, against a backdrop of increasing frustration in the region with the sluggish speed of the EU's enlargement process.

Commission tries to breathe new life into EU enlargement

The new enlargement rules presented by the Commission on Wednesday (5 February) are supposed to inject credibility, predictability, dynamism and a political steer into the increasingly moribund process. "This is a geostrategic investment," promised Olivér Várhelyi, the Commissioner for enlargement.
Enlargement 31-05-2018

Europe needs Balkans and Balkans need Europe, says Albania PM

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama calls for clearer enlargement prospects for the Western Balkans, saying it would be a "huge mistake" for the EU not to continue its engagement with the countries in the region. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Global Europe 13-10-2014

Mixed reactions in Serbia to Commission report

This year’s report on Serbia’s progress towards EU accession resulted in an unusual domestic reaction. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vu?i? contested claims by the European Commission about media freedom, at the height of a scandal over the removal of political talk shows from influential TV channels. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 18-04-2012

Iceland under pressure to stop EU accession bid

Political pressure is growing on Iceland's Parliament to halt accession talks with the EU, or at least review the negotiation procedure, because of the European Commission's involvement in the legal dispute between Reykjavik and British and Dutch authorities over the Icesave case.
Enlargement 25-10-2010

Croatia contemplates future EU perks of power

As Croatia gets closer to joining the EU, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor last week unveiled her country's potential voting quotas as a future EU member as well as its likely number of seats in the European Parliament, the HINA agency reported.
Enlargement 03-03-2010

French, German experts scrutinise EU enlargement

Lessons learned from recent EU enlargements and ideas for the future of an even wider Europe shaped recent EURACTIV roundtable discussions held in Paris and Berlin.
Enlargement 27-01-2010

Europeans confused about Turkey accession

A new survey reveals that 47% of Europeans back Turkey's EU accession and 47% are opposed to it. But when the same respondents were asked how would they vote in a referendum on Turkey's membership, 52% say that they would vote against it and only 41% in favour.
Enlargement 25-01-2010

2012 ‘realistic deadline’ for Croatia’s EU entry

In Croatia there is a "significant gap" between the political elite, which is "resolutely turned towards EU integration", and public opinion, which is "still lukewarm on the issue," according to Jacques Rupnik, a researcher at Sciences Po in Paris. The Balkan specialist spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.
Central Europe 30-11-2009

Croatia accession treaty ‘to be drafted soon’

Croatia's chief negotiator on EU membership, Vladimir Drobnjak, told EURACTIV he hopes that conditions are met to create a working group in the Council to draw up an accession treaty.
Enlargement 24-11-2009

Croatia cracks down on motorway company corruption

The Croatian government sacked three out of four management staff at a state-owned highway company on Saturday (21 November) on suspicion of corruption, which the country is seeking to crack down on as part of its bid to join the EU, the agency HINA reported.
Enlargement 06-11-2009

Croatia hopes to join EU ‘in 2012’

Despite calls for it to join earlier, realistically Croatia's EU accession in 2012 would still represent a great success, Mirko Galic, Croatia's ambassador to France, told EURACTIV France in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 05-10-2009

Restart of ‘win-win-win’ Croatia talks

Croatia made "substantial progress" by opening six and closing five negotiating chapters with the EU, said Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn after a meeting between representatives of Croatia, Slovenia and the EU on Friday (2 October). But Zagreb recognised the difficulty of the challenges ahead in its accession talks, especially in justice and home affairs.

Turkey calls for free movement of scientists

Scientists should be free to move between the EU and Turkey, according to Turkish Minister of State Mehmet Aydin.
Enlargement 02-10-2008

Macedonia name negotiations on home straight

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski and Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn today (2 October) signalled that the 17-year-old 'name dispute' between Skopje and Athens over the name 'Macedonia' may be nearing a solution.
Med & South 10-07-2008

‘Close relations’ more fashionable than enlargement

The European Parliament held a debate in plenary on 9 July on a report which outlines the bloc's enlargement strategy for the coming years. But the text's different initiatives for closer relations with neighbours seem to be aimed at substituting actual enlargement.
Enlargement 06-02-2008

2008 to be ‘EU year’ in Turkey, says foreign minister

2008 will be the 'year of the EU' in Turkey, said the country's foreign minister and chief negotiator on EU accession, Ali Babacan, responding to recent criticism over perceived interruptions to the country's progress towards full EU membership. EURACTIV Turkey reports.
Future EU 17-12-2007

Interview: Slovenia to focus on Western Balkans at EU helm

The upcoming Slovenian presidency of the EU has identified ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon and enlargement to the Western Balkans as the main priorities of its tenure, the country's State Secretary for European Affairs Janez Lenar?i? told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Central Europe 25-07-2007

Croatians pessimistic about future – survey

Despite the prospect of EU accession in 2009, the vast majority of Croatians are pessimistic about the future of their country, according to a nationwide survey.
Central Europe 30-05-2007

Sarkozy eases stance on Turkey

Despite his opposition to Turkey's EU entry, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has signalled that he would not block current membership negotiations ahead of the June Summit, saying the "real rendezvous" will be in December.
Central Europe 01-12-2006

Cyprus threatens to veto Turkey talks

Cyprus has stepped up the pressure over Turkish EU membership talks, after Turkey refused to open up trade to the island. Meanwhile, France's Nicolas Sarkozy has asked for a complete suspension of talks.
Central Europe 30-11-2006

Commission wants partial suspension of talks with Turkey

The Commission, on 29 November 2006, recommended to partially suspend Turkey’s EU membership negotiations due to a lack of compromise on the Cyprus issue.
Central Europe 04-08-2006

Enlargement: stumbling blocks ahead

This autumns’ enlargement agenda is loaded with tricky issues, from Turkey and Cyprus to Bulgaria and Romania, and the definition of the EU's 'absorption capacity'.
Central Europe 12-06-2006

Rehn: Croatia will not join EU before 2010

Detailed accession talks with Croatia will begin on 12 June. However, due to the stalemate  over the Constitution, Croatia will not be able to join the EU before the end of this decade, says EU Commissioner Rehn.