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Energy 03-06-2012

Ukraine and the EU: A vicious circle?

Countries that managed to accede the EU did so "by observing a few simple guidelines," according to writes Tomas Valasek, director of foreign policy and defence at the Centre for European Reform: "cultivate friends among EU governments, be prepared to make painful sacrifices and, above all, show patience and good faith". But Ukraine "has broken every one of those principles over the past two years," his November paper claims.
Enlargement 14-01-2010

Füle: ‘I’ll make enlargement more political’

Štefan Füle, the European Union's commissioner-designate for enlargement, breezed through his parliamentary hearing on 12 January by strategically defining his mandate and saying he will treat Turkey's EU entry bid fairly.
Med & South 22-10-2009

A wider EU: What next

"The European Commission's publication of its reports on EU enlargement last week calls for a balance sheet of the past five years," writes Rosa Balfour in an October commentary for the European Policy Centre.
EU Priorities 2020 10-09-2009

Iceland: Coming in from the cold

"Iceland's politicians need to conduct an open and transparent debate with the public and with the interest groups concerned, so that the final decision [on whether to join the European Union] is taken on the basis of the best possible information about the EU and what membership means," wrote Graham Avery, a senior advisor at the European Policy Centre, in a September analysis.
Enlargement 04-09-2009

The West Balkans: Between the EU, the USA and Russia

"The realisation of the South Stream project would help consolidate EU-Russian co-operation in the West Balkans," writes Dušan Relji?, a researcher at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, in an August paper.
Enlargement 20-05-2009

The cost of no Turkey

"When Turkey is admitted as a member of the EU, the new Union will be in a much better position to project open society values in the world," writes Hakan Altinay, executive director of the Open Society Foundation, in a May paper.
EU Priorities 2020 11-05-2009

Turkey shocked by Franco-German election rhetoric

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has strongly rejected German Chancellor Angela Merkel's idea of a "privileged partnership" between the EU and Turkey, saying his country would not accept any alternative to full membership of the European Union.
EU Priorities 2020 23-02-2009

Economic crisis dims EU enlargement success

The European Union's historic eastward expansion has been an economic and political success, but recession poses a challenge for the bloc's unity, a report from the EU's executive arm said on Friday (20 February).
Enlargement 27-01-2009

The new Serbia: Fast-forward towards the EU?

2009 is likely to "usher in a new phase in the EU's relations with Serbia" and "set the stage for [Belgrade] to file a formal application for EU membership," writes Western Balkans expert Srdjan Cvijic in a January brief for the European Policy Centre (EPC).
Enlargement 11-12-2008

Spain: A source of inspiration for Turkey?

Spain should be regarded as a model for Turkey's EU membership process, argues William Chislett, a researcher at the Royal Elcano Institute, a Spanish think tank, in a publication for the Turkish branch of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation.
Development Policy 11-07-2008

Sarkozy sweet-talks European Parliament

A determined Nicolas Sarkozy outshone his critics during the debate that followed his presentation of the French Presidency's priorities in the European Parliament on 10 July. In a skilled address, the French President accused those EU leaders who are reluctant to proceed with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty of "cowardice". 
Med & South 10-07-2008

‘Close relations’ more fashionable than enlargement

The European Parliament held a debate in plenary on 9 July on a report which outlines the bloc's enlargement strategy for the coming years. But the text's different initiatives for closer relations with neighbours seem to be aimed at substituting actual enlargement.
Enlargement 17-06-2008

Europe and the Balkans: What’s to be done?

The EU must "show that it can act decisively and effectively" in the Western Balkans as the progress the bloc makes in the region tests its "credibility on the international scene," writes Graham Avery for the European Policy Centre. What's more, he calls on all countries in the region to apply for EU membership "sooner rather than later" and on the bloc "to reaffirm its membership promise" to them.
Global Europe 05-11-2007

Kosovo merits ‘special status as part of the EU’

Kosovo should be awarded a "special status" that the EU alone can offer, writes Michael Emerson for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Central Europe 22-10-2007

EU enlargement: Cooperation or competition in the Balkans?

The agreement over the Reform Treaty opens a new window on EU enlargement and raises the issue of whether the Balkan states should face the opportunity individually or collectively, writes Peter Sain ley Berry for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).
Elections 05-07-2007

Serbia’s European choice

Serbia has to adapt to the EU and not the other way round if it wants to become a member, argues David Gowan in a June 2007 paper for the Centre for European Reform (CER).
Future EU 15-06-2007

Portuguese Presidency turns EU eyes south

Portugal is aiming to turn Europe’s focus to the south over the course of its EU presidency, claims Robin Pedler of Oxford University – with the creation of a 'Mediterranean Union' one possible outcome.
Central Europe 07-06-2007

Serbia’s New Government: Turning From Europe

The West should prepare for Serbia to turn increasingly away from Europe and towards Moscow, argues a 31 May report from the International Crisis Group (ICG). The group is convinced that the new government will choose Kosovo over Europe, and that appeasement would weaken rather than strengthen pro-Western forces.
Future EU 29-03-2007

Rules not borders

In this article, originally published in the Financial Times' commemorative publication European Union: The Next Fifty Years, EURACTIV Slovakia's editor Radovan Geist argues that EU enlargement has brought resentment and insecurity to the 'older' member states, and calls for a stronger framework to enhance the EU's social policies and economic governance.
Future EU 14-12-2006

Heads of state to discuss EU enlargement strategy, Turkey

The EU Summit on 14-15 December will aim to achieve consensus among member states on how to proceed with the enlargement process, as Bulgaria and Romania prepare to join on 1 January.
Central Europe 04-12-2006

Lawmakers debate EU’s ‘absorption/integration’ capacity

Academics and parliamentarians discussed the Union’s further enlargement recently, with the panel urging that the public be better informed.
Enlargement 09-11-2006

From ‘absorption’ to ‘integration capacity’

The Commission has fleshed out what 'absorption capacity' actually means for future EU-applicant countries.
Central Europe 04-10-2006

Commentary: “Absorption capacity” – a turning point for enlargement?

Sinan Ülgen, President of the Turkish think tank EDAM, argues that if the EU wants to apply "absorption capacity" as a criterion for EU entry, then it only makes sense to do it before the start of accession talks.
Enlargement 25-09-2006

Merkel: No promises beyond Balkans

Speaking at an international forum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented her vision of a future-EU based on common values.