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Global Europe 22-08-2016

Lamy: Declustering policies will alleviate tensions with the EU’s neighbours

Changing geopolitics in Europe’s neighbourhood, to the east and in the south, call for a further declustering of a number of policies, going beyond bilateral trade agreements and security measures, Pascal Lamy, former Commissioner and WTO chief told EURACTIV.com.
Armenia 25-03-2015

Commission publishes neighbourhood reports for ‘test year 2014’

The European Commission published an avalanche of “progress reports” on Wednesday (25 March) covering 12 of the 16 countries in the EU’s neighbourhood for 2014, calling it a test year for the Union's relations with its neighbours.
Europe's East 04-03-2015

Mogherini’s timid ‘mea culpa’ on EU neighbourhood policy

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has timidly acknowledged that the neighbourhood policy of the Barroso Commission may have been naïve or confrontational.
Europe's East 15-12-2014

Moldova – a call for a new approach

The EU should reevaluate its enlargement policy and appeal in its communication strategy to the whole society, not only to politicians, writes Renate Weber.
Woman protesting on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt [UN Women Rights/Flickr]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

EU will struggle to engage in Egypt

Egypt today is looking disturbingly similar to the country during its 'Mubarak years'. But does the EU have the influence and tools to counter this? Lisa Watanabe
Europe's East 03-09-2013

MEPs slate EU’s ‘more for more’ approach to neighbourhood countries

A draft European Parliament resolution calls for MEPs to have a greater say on European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), which governs the EU's relations with countries situated on its southern and eastern borders.