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Enlargement 18-01-2001

New members from end of 2002?

Sweden's Prime Minister Persson says first enlargement is possible from end of 2002
Enlargement 11-10-2000

Verheugen sees 2003 as realistic for enlargement

Enlargement Commissioner Verheugen said that 2003 was a "realistic date" for EU's first enlargement.
Enlargement 09-10-2000

Eastern European leaders call for equal status

At a conference in Paris, Eastern European leaders commented on enlargement negotiations and the IGC.
Enlargement 28-07-2000

UK supports setting enlargement target dates, but not this year

UK Foreign Secretary Cook repeated his call for setting EU enlargement target dates during his visit in the Czech Republic.
Enlargement 09-06-2000

Visegrad Group call on the EU not to postpone enlargement

Prime ministers of the Visegrad Group - Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - called on the EU not to delay enlargement.
Enlargement 09-06-2000

Visegrad Group want EU enlargement dates

Prime ministers of the Visegrad Four - Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - meeting near Prague to underline their bid to join the EU.