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Climate change 22-05-2018

The road to greener and smarter cities is paved with copper

The EU Green Week—taking place this week under the theme ‘Greener Cities for a Greener Europe’—offers a perfect opportunity to reflect on how cities can become more sustainable, smart and resilient. And on the role copper plays in all this, writes Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute.
Elections 05-02-2018

German coalition agreement: No breakthrough for Europe yet

After a week of talks, German coalition negotiators agreed on the cornerstones of their new programme. But when a new government could actively participate in meaningful EU reform is still uncertain. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Climate change 02-01-2017

Ciolos’ failure to save Rosia Montana disappointed many Romanians

Outgoing Romanian PM Dacian Cioloş could have saved the village of Rosia Montana by filing a procedure to make it a UNESCO world heritage site. But he preferred to bow to the interests of a Canadian firm using cyanide technologies to extract gold, writes Claudia Ciobanu.
Climate change 17-10-2016

Greek WWF chief: Debt solution should be linked to ‘greener’ economy

Europe should explore creative ways to provide relief to indebted countries like Greece, if they pursue green investments and accelerate the switch to a sustainable economy, WWF’s Demetres Karavellas told EURACTIV.com.
Agrifood 28-06-2016

Brexit: A step forwards or backwards for a Greener Europe?

Environmental action is one of the triumphs of the EU. The UK’s contribution and ambition in this area is likely to be sorely missed, write Viviane Gravey, Andrew Jordan and Charlotte Burns.
Brexit 21-10-2015

MPs to scrutinise green policies ahead of Brexit referendum

The UK parliament’s cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has announced it will hold a public enquiry to assess the effectiveness of European environmental policy in the UK. EURACTIV's partner edie.net reports.
Health 15-06-2015

Environment ministers want flexible air pollution targets

Environment ministers on Monday (15 June) demanded flexibility in meeting EU air quality targets, after dropping a cap on methane emissions from draft pollution rules.

Member states must help clean up the air in our cities

It’s high time that member states step up their air quality measures to support cities’ local actions. A stronger directive on national emissions ceilings is essential to make it happen. Withdrawing the Commission proposal now would further delay action we should take to protect our citizens’ health, writes Lot van Hooijdonk.
Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella from Malta, already faces much criticism for his background in tourism, lack of experience and much more. [EC}

German environmentalists sour on new Commissioner Vella

With a lack of experience, a background in tourism and no clear distribution of roles with fellow commissioners, Maltese politician Karmenu Vella has much to prove as Europe's new Environment Commissioner, according to German activists. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Karmenu Vella under scrutiny at the European Parliament [Photo: European Parliament / Flickr]

Vella elusive on fisheries and environmental policy

Karmenu Vella, the Maltese Commissioner-designate for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, failed to impress a sceptical audience during a European Parliament confirmation hearing yesterday (29 September).

Environmental misgivings: why Parliament should reject the Juncker Commission

The proposed new structure of the European Commission sidelines sustainability issues and risks undoing years of environmental legislation, writes Tony Long.
Climate change 23-11-2010

Environmental liability: Applying the ‘polluter pays’ principle

Successive man-made disasters have seen the EU adopt rules to enforce the 'polluter pays principle' on companies responsible for major environmental damage. 
Climate change 03-11-2010

Brussels to force implementation of EU green laws

The European Commission is preparing an EU strategy to improve implementation of the bloc's environmental rules, with plans including stricter inspections on the ground and a greater role for national judges in promoting compliance.

EU struggles to find voice on environment issues

The European Union is bogged down in a power struggle over who speaks for the bloc at international meetings, threatening action on environmental issues from mercury pollution to whaling, EU officials say.
Climate change 26-02-2010

EU lawmakers call for stricter green rulebook

The European Parliament's environment committee has called on the European Commission to distribute lists of member states that fail to properly implement EU legislation on waste, water and nature protection, arguing that the situation had become "absurd".
EU Priorities 2020 14-01-2010

Poto?nik pledges tougher implementation of EU green laws

Janez Poto?nik, the EU's commissioner-designate for environmental policy, won plaudits during a three-hour confirmation hearing in the European Parliament yesterday (13 January), proposing to set up an EU agency to ensure that the bloc's green legislation is properly enforced by member states.
Agrifood 02-12-2009

Landowners call for broader EU farm policy

The EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should be reformed to deliver not only on food but on climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection and energy production too, argues a new report by the RISE foundation, a rural conservation group supported by the European Landowners' Organisation (ELO).
EU Priorities 2020 30-09-2009

Tories’ EU green strategy less stick, more carrot

Introducing more EU environmental regulation is often neither cost-effective nor democratically acceptable, UK Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nick Herbert said yesterday (29 September).
Climate change 11-06-2009

Green groups give poor grade to outgoing Commission

Green organisations gave the current European Commission 4.4 out of 10 for its environmental record in the past five years, urging its successors to double its efforts to move from rhetoric to genuine action on the environment.

EU reconsiders green laws to shore up industry

Sectors affected by the ongoing recession – including cars and the chemical industry – will be offered specific treatment under a revised industrial policy to be agreed by EU ministers today (28 May).
Climate change 27-03-2009

Parliament slams Spain over unchecked urbanisation

Spain is not doing enough to protect communities and the environment from abuse by developers, constructors and local government involved in its property sector, the European Parliament said yesterday (26 March).
Transport 11-03-2009

Greening transport calls for more regulation, says EU official

Both market solutions and more regulation are needed to improve the environmental performance of transport, the European Commission at a conference on the future of the sector on 9 March.
Climate change 03-07-2008

EU environment legislation ‘slow or incomplete’, says review

Environment issues leapt up the political agenda last year, but implementation of measures is "lagging behind", according to a Commission review of EU environment policy in 2007 published yesterday (2 July).
Climate change 09-04-2008

MEPs vote to outlaw green crimes

The European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee has backed plans to criminalise acts that cause environmental damage in a move that could compel member states to press sanctions on offenders.