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Health 04-02-2021

Football managers show goodwill but little commitment in green transition – report

Football managers have shown goodwill but little commitment when it comes to promoting a transition to a green and sustainable sport, a report published on Tuesday (2 February) by LifeTackle shows. EURACTIV France reports.

EU slapped for breaching Aarhus Convention on access to environmental justice

The European Union has accepted a UN ruling that found the bloc in breach of international laws requiring the general public to have access to justice on environmental matters, a decision applauded by green activists.
Climate change 26-02-2010

EU lawmakers call for stricter green rulebook

The European Parliament's environment committee has called on the European Commission to distribute lists of member states that fail to properly implement EU legislation on waste, water and nature protection, arguing that the situation had become "absurd".

Corruption a catalyst for global water crisis, says report

Corruption in the water sector is the "root cause" of the current global water crisis and is undermining efforts to develop a global response to climate change and the food crisis, according to a report published yesterday (25 June) by Transparency International.
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Public awarded greater say over EU environmental law

Public participation in environmental decision-making is to be strengthened after EU Ministers agreed to the principles of the Aarhus Convention. But they stopped short of allowing NGOs the right to drag member states to court.
Climate change 26-01-2006

EU countries top Yale environmental scorecard

Seven EU countries feature in the top 10 of Yale University's 2006 Environmental Performance Index, which tracks indicators such as air quality and sustainable energy. Sound policy choices emerge as a critical factor.