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Languages & Culture 13-01-2015

Cultural landscapes must be protected under EU environmental and cultural policies

EU policymakers, together with the Greek government, academia and businesses, have called for integrated management of EU cultural and natural heritage, writes Sophia Staikou.

Barroso is sacrificing environment law for short-term political gain

Masqueraded as a move to cut red tape for business, the European Commission's 'Refit - Fit for Growth' scheme appears to have environmental regulation firmly in its sights, write authors from three European environmental protection organisations.
Climate change 07-01-2005

The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Instruments: The Making of a New International Environmental Regi

This analysis by the Austria-based European Integration online Papers (EIoP) identifies the conditions under which the environmental policy choices of one country subsequently affect the policy choices of others. Based on four case studies, the paper demonstrates empirically how horizontal diffusion processes accompanied by information and recommendations from international organisations have led to the adoption of new regulatory instruments in an increasing number of countries. Especially within the EU, a typical pattern of diffusion between individual member states and from the national to the EU-level is leading to an EU-wide legal harmonisation of environmental policies.