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Agrifood 12-01-2017

Greenpeace: Neonicotinoids pose risks to multiple species

Neonicotinoid pesticides should be considered a serious threat not only to honeybees, but also to many other species, according to a scientific review published today (12 January) by Greenpeace.

Transparency urgently needed in impact assessments

Industry and green campaigners distrust the Commission and the data it uses to evaluate the impact of policy options. They request full access to the data in future impact assessments, according to consultation documents seen by EURACTIV.
Climate change 02-02-2011

EU subsidies fuel controversial coal plant in Slovenia

Environmentalists are warning that a new coal plant which has secured €770 million of loans from European financial institutions risks turning the EU's 2050 climate goals into a "laughing stock".
Climate change 08-01-2010

Green activists urge EU to act on Nord Stream gas pipe

Estonian environmental groups have asked the European Commission to take action against EU countries that have granted permission to construct the Nord Stream pipeline, accusing them of failing to comply with EU environmental laws.
Energy 11-12-2007

UK looks to lead in offshore wind power

The UK has announced plans to build an unprecedented 33 gigawatts of offshore wind power capacity by 2020, surpassing Denmark in sea-based wind power output. But sceptics questioned whether the turbines will ever be built.
Climate change 28-02-2006

Slow SEA directive application to affect EU biodiversity

A report published by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) denounces the slow application of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive and warns that this could harm the EU objective to stop the loss of its biodiversity by 2010.

Always think of consequences, Barroso tells EU officials

New guidelines published by the Commission on impact assessment say officials should look in particular at economic and competitiveness concerns when drafting new legislation.
Climate change 11-05-2005

Interview with Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas

Cooperation on market-based instruments is a "significant achievement" of EU-US talks on climate change, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. Other topical subjects covered in the interview include: REACH, research on eco-technologies, impact assessments, the Lisbon strategy and the implementation of environmental legislation.
Climate change 03-11-2004

EU officials seek to make sense of 36 REACH reports

National officials meeting in The Hague have recommended cutting down the costs of the draft EU chemicals law on businesses while estimating the long-term benefits for society at "tens of billions" of euros.
Climate change 21-10-2004

Industry lashes out at “alarmist” new chemicals report

The battle over REACH rages on with new results of blood tests by the WWF immediately dismissed by the bromine industry. Test results, it is argued, are "alarmist" and aimed at "creating public anxiety".
Climate change 21-10-2004

REACH impact assessment battle rages on

Twelve major industrial sectors have joined forces in their objections to the EU's draft chemicals legislation over competitiveness concerns. The trade and retail sectors have raised similar doubts in a new impact study.
Climate change 18-10-2004

New study predicts lower costs of REACH

A study performed by US academics on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers says REACH will cost around 0.06% of annual sales revenues to the European chemicals industry.
Climate change 23-06-2003

Environmental impact assessment: Commission sends wake-up call to Member States

The Commission published on 23 June its 5-year report on how Member States implement the directive on environmental impact assessment.
Energy 07-09-2000

EP adopts Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive.

A new Directive on the assessment of the effects of plans and programmes on the environment was adopted by the European Parliament.