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EU throws open courtroom doors for new wave of citizen climate litigations

The scope of legislation that can be challenged in court for breaching environmental rights has been widened following a deal struck by lawmakers in the European Parliament and representatives from EU capitals.
Climate change 28-06-2021

EU negotiators still far apart on environmental justice rights

EU countries and the European Parliament are at loggerheads over the revision of the Aarhus regulation, which allows individuals and civil society to challenge law in court on environmental matters, sources familiar with the process have told EURACTIV.
Climate change 04-02-2021

French state loses landmark lawsuit over climate inaction

The Paris administrative court recognised on Wednesday (3 February) the "faulty but partial shortcomings" of the French state in the fight against global warming in what has been termed "the case of the century". EURACTIV France reports.

EU slapped for breaching Aarhus Convention on access to environmental justice

The European Union has accepted a UN ruling that found the bloc in breach of international laws requiring the general public to have access to justice on environmental matters, a decision applauded by green activists.
Climate change 27-05-2016

Poland approves logging in primeval forest

Polish environmental authorities have given the go-ahead for substantial logging in Europe’s last primeval forest, despite protests from environmental groups and the EU. EURACTIV’s partner Joural de l'Environnement reports.
Agrifood 29-02-2016

German advisory council highlights TTIP risks

TTIP's detractors continue to fear the impact it could have on environmental and consumer protection and now the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) has criticised certain aspects after carrying out careful analysis. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Brussels gets tough on energy efficiency

The European Commission announced seven new infringement decisions against member states on Thursday (19 November). France has been penalised for its failings in energy efficiency and the treatment of radioactive waste. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports

Italy reluctant to tackle illegal landfills

After the European Court of Justice imposed heavy fines on Italy in 2014 for 198 illegal landfills, only 13 have actually been brought up to code. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Transport 18-07-2007

Poland challenges Europe on ‘via-baltica’ highway

The Polish government announced on 17 July 2007 that the construction of the 'via baltica' motorway between Prague and Helsinki would start on August 1 - despite repeated warnings from the Commission that the project contravenes EU rules on biodiversity protection.
Climate change 29-06-2007

France faces fine over nitrates pollution

The European Commission referred France to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over nitrate pollution of surface water in Brittany on 27 June 2007, amid concerns that the EU is nevertheless still supporting intensive farming in the region.
Climate change 08-02-2007

Commission to table controversial EU eco-crime law

A new proposal seeks to oblige member states to impose criminal sanctions for illegal emissions of pollutants into the air, water and soil to punish breaches of environmental law.
Climate change 28-07-2003

Implementation of EU environmental law is too often late and incorrect

The Commission released its fourth annual report on the implementation of EU environmental legislation in the Member States on 17 July. Main findings show that Member States comply poorly with the legislation related to nature protection, environmental impact assessment, water and waste.