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CDP boss: ‘Companies or sectors may face liability risks on climate change’

Private investors need to come clean and commit to science-based targets on climate change, says Paul Simpson. Unfortunately, “there is still money out there for the dirty investments in the short term,” he laments, calling on regulators to take action against opaque finance.

A genuine right to challenge EU decisions in court

The European Union needs to stand up for environmental democracy and provide access to justice – to ensure respect for the rule of law, to maintain its environmental leadership, and to restore its legitimacy, warns Anaïs Berthier.

The EU should wrest back leadership on climate change from the courts

A recent judgment by a Dutch court signals a trend towards the judiciary getting involved in setting climate policy. Lucas Bergkamp argues that this confuses the separation of powers, and that the EU should restore the balance.  

Ship recycling: EU needs to take responsibility for hidden costs

Shipbreaking on the beaches of South Asia results in disastrous pollution, labour rights abuses, severe injuries and fatalities among workers. Still, the vast majority of European shipping companies continue to avoid the costs of proper disposal by selling their ships to these breaking yards, writes Patrizia Heidegger.
Climate change 22-10-2007

Industry groups voice concerns over environmental liability law

Stakeholders in sectors including insurance and chemicals have expressed concerns over the implementation of the environmental liability directive, with only eight member states having transposed this complex piece of legislation into national law some four months after the deadline.
Climate change 02-05-2007

EU states drag feet on environmental-liability law

As the deadline for transposition closed on 30 April 2007, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia were the only member states to have transposed the Environmental Liability Directive into national law. The Commission may consider legal action against the remaining countries.
Climate change 08-02-2007

Commission to table controversial EU eco-crime law

A new proposal seeks to oblige member states to impose criminal sanctions for illegal emissions of pollutants into the air, water and soil to punish breaches of environmental law.
Transport 30-01-2007

Polish highway plans under EU threat

Environmentalists have told a Polish firm that it will have to bear financial responsibility for any damage caused by the construction of a controversial highway through protected wetlands, after the Commission issued a warning in December 2006.
Climate change 01-04-2004

EU Parliament seals environmental liability compromise

The Parliament endorsed on 31 March the deal struck with the Council on environmental liability. Green NGOs have criticised the bill for being too weak as it leaves out compulsory insurances schemes.
Climate change 23-02-2004

Environmental liability deal leaves compulsory insurance out of the picture

The agreement reached in conciliation between Parliament and Council has left it to the Commission to propose compulsory insurance schemes for companies six years after the directive enters into force.
Climate change 18-12-2003

Environmental liability: MEPs back tight deadlines on compulsory insurance for companies

The Parliament has voted in second reading on the draft directive on environmental liability. Amendments on compulsory insurance and shipowners' liability make a conciliation procedure likely.
Climate change 05-12-2003

EP committee insists on giving business ways to limit environmental liability

The EP legal affairs committee adopted the report drafted by Toine Manders for the Parliament's second reading on the environmental liability directive.
Climate change 03-10-2003

Environmental liability: debate on mandatory financial security is not closed

On 26 September 2003, the Commission published its stance on the Council's common position starting the process for the second reading in the Parliament on the draft directive on environmental liability.
Climate change 14-05-2003

Environmental liability: Parliament faced with a battle of amendments

On 14 May, MEPs will vote in first reading on the draft directive on environmental liability. Businesses and environment supporters still differ radically.
Climate change 22-04-2003

EP Committee to vote on proposed environmental liability regime

On 22 April, the legal affairs committee of the Parliament will vote on the Manders report on environmental liability.
Climate change 06-03-2003

Council remains divided over environmental liability

During their meeting on 4 March, Environment Ministers remained divided over the issues of insurance and scope of the environmental liability proposal.
Climate change 14-02-2003

Can environmental liability’s insurance be made mandatory?

Ahead of the Manders Report's adoption on environmental liability by the EP Legal Affairs committee, European insurers question the workability of the current proposal.
Climate change 23-01-2003

Liability: EP Committee votes for a powerful polluter pays principle

On 22 January, the Environment Committee gave its opinion on the draft directive on environmental liability calling for a wide financial and legal accountability of polluters.
Climate change 02-12-2002

Intense debate in the EP about environmental liability

Several Parliament's committees are discussing the Commission's proposal on environmental liability ahead of the Parliament's first reading.
Climate change 04-07-2002

Legal Affairs Committee gets the lead role on environmental liability

The European Parliament's plenary session voted to settle the dispute on which committee would be responsible for the dossier on environmental liability.
Climate change 22-05-2002

Environmental liability debated in the Parliament

On 21 May, the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee organised a public hearing for stakeholders to give their opinion on the Commission's proposal on environmental liability.
Climate change 05-03-2002

Council wants expanded scope for environmental liability directive

At its meeting on 4 March, the Environment Council held a public debate on the proposed directive on environmental liability.