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Interview: ‘Passive Brussels think-tanks lack public policy debates’

On the occasion of the tenth birthday of leading independent Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre (EPC), EPC director and founder Stanley Crossick tells EURACTIV that Brussels still has much to learn from the US think-tank landscape.

‘EU decision-making lacks public policy debates’

Leading independent Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre (EPC) recently celebrated its tenth birthday. EPC Director and Founding Chairman Stanley Crossick talks to EURACTIV about harnessing think-tanks' potential to reach out to EU citizens.
Enlargement 06-05-2000

Further enlargement or Wider Europe Economic Area?

In his recent paper, entitled "The European Union: integration or disintegration", Chairman of The European Policy Centre Stanley Crossick says that one solution for the European future is the creation of a Wider Europe Economic Area (WEEA).

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