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Economy & Jobs 12-03-2019

European, German companies pull ahead in new patent office report

The new European Patent Offices's 2018 report, released Tuesday (12 March) shows a European pull ahead of Chinese firm Huawei that dominated last year and an increase in European patent applications by 4.6%.
Digital 02-12-2015

Battistelli: Many Apple patents would not have been granted in Europe

Europe is well on track to having the highly-anticipated EU unitary patent in place, by late 2016. The aim will be to deliver “rigorous” licences to avoid any ‘patent war’ as it is the case in the US, the President of the European Patent Office (EPO), Benoît Battistelli, says.

Controversial software patent directive clears Parliament

Concluding several months of heated debate, the Parliament approved on 24 September a pan-European law governing the application of patents to software programmes.
Competition 24-09-2003

Council notes progress on Community Patent regulation

The Competitiveness Council of 22 September concluded that the long-discussed proposal for a Regulation creating a Community Patent is making relatively good progress, with a political agreement foreseen by 10 November 2003.

Parliament delays vote on software patents

In the wake of protests by computer scientists and economists, the European Parliament on 1 September decided to delay voting on the controversial directive on the patentability of computer software.

Battle over patents for computerised inventions heats up before Parliament vote

In light of the Parliament's upcoming vote on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, critics voiced their discontent with the Commission's proposal.
Agrifood 08-05-2003

European Patent Office limits controversial biotech patent for GM soybean varieties

On 6 May, the European Patent Office held a hearing concerning a patent monopoly by Monsanto on genetically modified soybeans.
Competition 04-03-2003

Agreement reached on Community Patent

EU ministers secure a political deal on the Community patent: a 7-year transition period for national courts and a solution to the language problem.