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Freedom of thought 08-03-2017

Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez speaks out against misogyny

Wednesday, 8 March, marks International Women’s Day, which celebrates the cultural, economic, social and political achievement of women. Yet, Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez explains that a gender-biased mentality persists.

Commission to review stand on gender pay gap this year

The EU executive will review its actions on the gender pay gap this year and may consider legislation requiring companies to be transparent about what they pay employees, a European Commission official told EURACTIV.com.

Irish referendum stirs up same-sex marriage debate in Germany

Conservative opposition to same-sex unions in Germany is beginning to crumble after a referendum over the weekend legalised gay marriage in ultra-Catholic Ireland. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Adebisi Alimi [Project Syndicate]
Development Policy 19-06-2014

The development costs of homophobia

Recent studies have explored links between anti-gay sentiment and poverty in countries where same-sex relationships are prohibited. The outcome? LGBT rights are not only a human-rights issue, but also an economic one, Adebisi Alimi writes.
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Health 27-11-2012

EDF on the 3rd European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities

On 5 December, the 3rd European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities will gather more than 400 delegates from organisations of persons with disabilities all around Europe. Together with members of the European Parliament and other decision makers, we will discuss how EU can ensure the protection of the rights of its 80 million citizens with disabilities in this time of crisis. We want an accessible Europe where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities! We want nothing decided about us without us! Learn more at: http://www.edf-feph.org/

Lenarduzzi: ‘Women can rescue the economy’

"Our economy has a real problem with under-representation of women," according to Isabella Lenarduzzi, the founder of the 'JUMP' forum, which will take place in Brussels on 23 April. Speaking to EURACTIV in an interview, she explained that "women's role in business is increasingly important".

Men ‘benefit’ from diversity in the workplace

"Our economy has a real problem with under-representation of women," according to Isabella Lenarduzzi, the founder of the 'JUMP' forum, which will take place in Brussels on 23 April. Speaking to EURACTIV in an interview, she explained that "women's role in business is increasingly important".

Commission to scale down anti-discrimination proposal

Due to resistance from conservative member states, the Commission is likely to backtrack on its plans for an anti-discrimination directive, proposing only to offer protection against discrimination on disability grounds.

MEPs call for comprehensive anti-discrimination law

Despite opposition from members of the centre-right EPP-ED Group, the European Parliament's Employment Committee has spoken out in favour of new legislation banning all forms of discrimination.

Time for President Barroso to show leadership on equality

Three and a half years into the Barroso Commission's term, the network of European NGOs working to combat racism (ENAR) reminds the Commission President of his initial announcement that he would introduce a framework directive to cover "all forms of discrimination".

Germany told to step up fight against gay discrimination

Infringement proceedings begun against Germany over Berlin's failure to bring provisions on equal treatment of gay and lesbian partnerships in line with EU directives on the issue are going down badly with Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats.
Sports 30-11-2007

Sport and disability

In spite of efforts to promote equal opportunities in Europe, many children and adults with disabilities still do not exercise their full rights to perform sport and physical activities at their desired levels.
Sports 16-10-2007

Regions call for charter for equality in sport

The EU Committee of the Regions is calling on local and regional authorities to assume their core function as providers of sport, leisure and cultural services as key tools in the promotion of social inclusion and combating discrimination. 

Student parents need more support, say MEPs

Young parents who have not yet finished their studies need the support of society at large, in order to realise their potential, contribute to economic growth and sustain birth-rates, a report from the European Parliament suggests.

EU makes limited pledge on disabled rights

For the first time, the European Communities have signed a human-rights charter, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. But, in a last-minute move, the Commission refrained from signing an additional Protocol establishing a complaints procedure, which some member states consider too far-reaching.

Court confirms ‘equal pay for equal work’ principle

Employers must be able to prove that women's lower wages are attributable to their lesser experience and professional skills due to their generally shorter service time, the Court of Justice has ruled.

Beijing Plus Five ends with agreement

During the weekend, delegations from more than 180 countries reaffirmed their commitments to the goals and objectives of the 1995 Beijing platform on women politics.

UN assesses beijing women’s conference

Ministers from 189 countries will be debating a new action plan to speed up implementation of the Beijing action platform on women's politics this week