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Digital 14-05-2020

Gabriel: Women ‘continue to face obstacles’ in tech sector

Tech firms in Europe are 'losing out' on a wide range of talent and diversity due to their reluctance to hire women across all levels of management, the EU Commissioner for Innovation and Research, Mariya Gabriel has said.
Future EU 02-10-2019

Commissioner hearings LIVE: Reynders/Dalli/Ferreira

On Wednesday (2 October), the European Parliament's committees will be holding hearings with Commissioner-designates Didier Reynders (Belgium, Justice), Helena Dalli (Malta, Equality) and Elisa Ferreira (Portugal, Cohesion and Reforms).

Von der Leyen leans on gender balance in quest for Commission presidency

In her first speech before the European Parliament on Tuesday (16 July), Ursula von der Leyen made gender equality a cornerstone of her case to be appointed as the first female European Commission president. And she received support for that from across the political spectrum.
Future EU 25-04-2018

Europe fair, but room for improvement- Eurobarometer

Europeans generally see their society as fair, particularly in Scandinavia, but income gap, which has increased greatly, was singled out as an issue of concern, according to a Eurobarometer survey. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Health 24-11-2017

Andriukaitis: National health systems need ‘fundamental reform’

EU countries could save money and lives by increasing investment in disease prevention and health promotion, the European Commission said on Thursday (23 November), stressing that good health policy requires political will across all sectors.
Economy & Jobs 19-07-2017

Commission strives to reach 40% women in management by end of mandate

The European Commission has come up with new measures on Wednesday (19 June) to reach the target of having 40% of women in top positions by the end of its mandate in 2019.

Survey: EU citizens want equal rights for foreign residents

Despite the rise of populism in Europe, most EU citizens broadly reject the idea of national preference for employment, according to a survey carried out in five European countries. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 07-09-2016

Dijsselbloem: Fight tax avoidance to boost EU equality

Fighting tax avoidance should be a cornerstone of a push by EU authorities for greater equality as they seek a response to a rise in populism across the continent, the head of eurozone finance ministers said on Tuesday (6 September).

Irish referendum stirs up same-sex marriage debate in Germany

Conservative opposition to same-sex unions in Germany is beginning to crumble after a referendum over the weekend legalised gay marriage in ultra-Catholic Ireland. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Gender inequality.

UN: Austerity hurts services vital to gender equality

Spending cuts are hurting public and social services that give women the chance to find paid work, independence and a chance at equality, a UN report warns.

EU’s new gender equality plan gets mixed response

The European Commission's new five-year strategy for gender equality in the EU – which keeps company board quotas on the agenda – has been widely welcomed, but some have criticised it for a lack of concrete measures.

Europeans fear recession’s impact on discrimination

Sixty-four percent of f Europeans believe the economic crisis will bring more discrimination in the job market, according to a new Eurobarometer opinion survey released by the European Commission this week (9 November).

Social partners sign deal to boost parental leave

Parental leave will be increased from three to four months and will apply to all employees regardless of the type of contract, according to an agreement signed yesterday (18 June) by social partners in presence of Vladimír Špidla, EU commissioner for employment, social affairs and equal opportunities.

EU-wide campaign seeks to eliminate gender pay gap

Ahead of International Women's Day (8 March), the European Commission yesterday (3 March) launched a EU-wide campaign to help narrow the pay gap between women and men and boost gender equality.

Commission to scale down anti-discrimination proposal

Due to resistance from conservative member states, the Commission is likely to backtrack on its plans for an anti-discrimination directive, proposing only to offer protection against discrimination on disability grounds.

MEPs call for comprehensive anti-discrimination law

Despite opposition from members of the centre-right EPP-ED Group, the European Parliament's Employment Committee has spoken out in favour of new legislation banning all forms of discrimination.

EU gender report finds women opting for low-paid sectors

While increasing numbers of women are working, they remain underrepresented in sectors considered crucial for economic development which are usually better remunerated, notes the Commission's annual report on equality between women and men.

Work-life balance ‘does not work for women’

Even in advanced economies, women are bearing the brunt of a lack of work-life balance, a panel at the Employment Week event found.

Parliament calls for action on gender equality

Women's Rights Committee Rapporteur Amalia Sartori (EPP) has presented her report on the European Commission's gender equality three-year road map, which urges "practical steps" from the Commission to redress the 15% deficit that still exists between men and women's average wages across the EU.

Gender-experts call for EU action

As the Commission heralds the European Year of Equal Opportunities, a European Movement conference on 'Men and gender equality in Europe' pushed for a more significant involvement of men in gender-equality issues.

New Year’s Resolution? EU vows to fight discrimination

In spite of actions taken at European level to eliminate discrimination, much remains to be done. In order to promote equality, the Commission has launched the 'Year of Equal Opportunities for All'.

Women in Europe: Better educated, worse paid, less leisure

Although, on average, women in the EU have better education than men, they spend less time earning money and more time doing domestic work, according to a study published by Eurostat on the occasion of the International Women's Day.
Elections 13-06-2003

Plans for more gender balance in the next European Parliament

The European Parliament Women's Rights Committee has discussed a number of measures to increase the proportion of women MEPs in the 2004 European elections.

EU condemns first decision of US President Bush

European Commission condemns decision by US government to cut federal funding to international agencies supporting family planning