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Economy & Jobs 06-12-2019

Late Erasmus founder Lenarduzzi said Europe ‘as we conceived it’ is blocked

To honour the legacy of late Erasmus "father" Domenico Lenarduzzi, who passed away on Tuesday (3 December), EURACTIV is reposting an interview with him that was originally published on 22 September 2011.
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Languages & Culture 23-07-2013

Hangout : The future of Erasmus

In this first Hangout from the European Parliament, participants and social media commentators can ask Doris Pack (EPP) about the EU's exchange programme Erasmus.    Comment on European Parliament Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/europeanparliament
EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2012

EU lawmakers rally to protect Erasmus budget

Members of the European Parliament fear the EU’s Erasmus grant could be at risk, eyeing an extended budget for one of the world’s most successful student exchange programmes.
Languages & Culture 06-10-2009

EU mulls Erasmus reform to boost student mobility

Stakeholders are this week (5-6 October) gathering in Sweden to discuss reforming the EU's Erasmus student mobility programme to make going abroad to learn "the rule rather than the exception" for young people.
Languages & Culture 22-10-2008

MEPs give major boost to Erasmus Mundus

The European Parliament yesterday (21 October) agreed to quadruple the budget for the bloc's flagship academic mobility programme, which aims to attract highly-qualified students and professors from non-EU countries.
Security 29-09-2005

Europe needs to co-operate on student visas

The Commission says that co-operation among member states is key to avoid the situation in the US where the number of incoming non-EU students has plummeted.
Economy & Jobs 05-07-2005

Non-EU students and teachers to receive Erasmus Mundus grants

The Commission has picked 803 non-EU Masters students and 133 non-EU teachers to receive Erasmus Mundus grants for the 2005-06 academic year. The programme, which runs from 2004-08, will be reviewed in 2006.
Economy & Jobs 10-02-2005

17 masters courses added to Erasmus Mundus programme

Erasmus Mundus, a programme designed to strengthen European and international ties in higher education, is facing criticism from the National Union of Students in Europe. 
Economy & Jobs 28-09-2004

82 universities launch Erasmus Mundus

 From this academic year onwards, the EU will award grants to the best students and professors from all over the world to come and study in the EU. The new Erasmus programme will provide funding for 19 high-quality Masters courses involving 82 universities in 17 different European countries. 
Economy & Jobs 02-06-2004

More new Member State students heading West than vice versa, says Reding

In an interview with EURACTIV, Commissioner Reding expresses confidence that EU-15 students will head East when they find out they can get a good education for less money in new Member States' universities.
Economy & Jobs 12-12-2003

Interview news: MEP Marielle De Sarnez is confident that Erasmus Mundus will be a success story

Marielle de Sarnez, Parliament's rapporteur on Eramus Mundus (EEP-ED, France), expects Erasmus Mundus to have "the same success as its little brother Erasmus".
Economy & Jobs 05-12-2003

Full interview – Marielle De Sarnez, MEP: “Erasmus Mundus offers grants of about 1,600 euro a month”

In an interview with EURACTIV [translated from French], Marielle de Sarnez, Parliament's rapporteur on Erasmus Mundus, explains how this new programme is expected to boost the attractiveness of European higher education.
Economy & Jobs 26-10-2003

Council agrees to bigger budgets for Erasmus Mundus and eLearning programmes

On 24 November the Council adopted the Erasmus Mundus and eLearning programmes, both with significantly higher budgets than originally decided.
Economy & Jobs 22-10-2003

Parliament pushes for more money to attract top non-EU students

On 21 October, Parliament adopted a legislative resolution in second reading on the new Erasmus Mundus programme.
Economy & Jobs 08-05-2003

Education Council not ready to pay as much as Parliament wishes

On 5 May, the EU education ministers reached a political agreement on the funding available for the new Erasmus Mundus and eLearning programmes.